Enjoy a boutique-style salon experience with Nikhil Sharma Hairdressing


Nikhil Sharma Hairdressing focuses on delivering a unique experience in a beautiful, purpose-built salon.

Nikhil Sharma is a name to reckon with in the hair and salon spectrum. Nikhil has mastered the craft by associating himself with global brands like Vidal Sassoon UK, Toni&Guy (UK, Singapore) and Sebastian Professional. He has expanded his horizons with Nikhil Sharma Hairdressing – a boutique-style salon that truly resonates with him.

Consultation is the key
Nikhil believes that with so much commercialization and mushrooming of salons in the market – the clients are unsure who to trust for their hair concerns. So the idea was to create a space where you get complete treatment for your hair, scalp and skin woes. “As a brand, we believe in offering customized services for every customer – based on their hair concerns and needs, hence we customize our services according to an individual after a one-on-one consultation,” shares Nikhil

Look & Feel
Located in Gurgaon, NSH is dressed in monochrome hues with a mix of warm and cool lights. Sized in 11,00 square feet area, the salon is designed by architect Charu Mishra. Nikhil explained, “Space was a concern with us, we wanted to integrate several elements into 1100 sq ft of the area, which was further divided into two floors. My brief to Charu was very simple, I told her about the elements, which I needed in the salon like a consultation area, reception, working area, a separate hand and feet area, product display area, etc. and rest I left it on her expertise. From the colour combination to the woodwork, the no false ceiling/open wiring idea the salon emits the sort of energy I was looking for.”

Balancing out
As the consultation and reception area is the heart of the salon area, he wanted to create a contemporary yet comfortable space for the clients. “My idea was the moment anyone enters our space the only piece of furniture they should see is a coffee table and the front desk. On the first level is our working floor and this segregation was done on purpose. I did not want our clients to directly sit on the styling chairs and begin their journey. The working area is where we create magic, hence you see the change in floor and lighting theme, ” concludes Nikhil

Sustainable approach
Since the industry is on the pathway to sustainability, NSH has also implemented eco-initiatives like using natural products with biodegradable packaging, etc. Only e-receipts are generated and the details are shared with clients on their registered phone number, to save paper.


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