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Entrepreneur Ashish Tiwari Launches Hair Forever

by Professional Beauty India

Ashish Tiwari, a serial entrepreneur and ex-Hair Originals co-founder, has launched Hair Forever, a hair extension manufacturing start-up.

According to The Print, after parting ways with Jitendra Sharma, ex-Hair Originals co-founder Ashish Tiwari has founded Hair Forever, a new endeavour in the hair extensions industry. In a pre-SEED round, Hair Forever secured USD 150K from a group of angel investors. This is the serial entrepreneur’s third company, following Healthkhoj and Hair Originals.
Closing the last chapter, he has gone on to pursue what he had hoped for when commencing on the business path. Moving forward, he intends to season the whole experience of hair extensions for consumers with AI integration. Hair Forever will investigate AI integration to improve consumer purchasing experiences, i.e., users will be able to trial nearly all sorts of extensions and be certain of the length, colour, volume, and so on before purchasing or putting the hair extensions. He recognises the areas that might be improved to develop a healthy corporate structure based on his past expertise in manufacturing, marketing, and business strategy.
Ashish Tiwari, Founder and CEO of Hair Forever, stated, “Certainly, we had big expectations from the previous venture, however a lot of things went off-track in terms of partnerships that held back the projected growth. I had to face the betrayal in terms of equity shares and was pushed to survive without a dime for the entire tenure I served with Hair Originals. This restricted my personal and professional growth. On the grounds of betrayal, false pretext, and cheating I had no option, but to proceed for legal remedies.”

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