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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Nail Salon Success

by Professional Beauty India

The nail industry is going through some huge changes. So many salons and brands have come in and out of this market, but what holds across the board is that it takes a lot to survive.

Darpan Uppal, owner of the Magick Touché Nail in Delhi, chalks out the specifics one needs to consider when setting up their salon.

What are the top nail colour and art trends for the season?
One of the hottest nail designs for 2022 will be animal print nails, such as leopard print, tiger print or zebra print. French patterns are also popular right now.

Nail colour preferences change according to the seasons, such as in these summers people are going crazy for lilac colours. In winters, people tend to gravitate toward dark colours.

Is it true that nail extensions damage the original nail bed? How should post-nail extension care be considered as well when getting nail extensions?
That’s not true. Nail extensions do not damage the nail bed. Instead, they try to improve the nail bed. They can help your natural nails grow longer and stronger.

We prefer Gel over Acrylic extensions, as it is a toxic-free product.
Following the application of nail extensions, we always recommend our clients keep applying cuticle oil twice a week, and after removing extensions, one should continue applying cuticle oil every day.

How about setting up a nail salon? What are the important things to consider today?
The nail salon industry is booming. An experienced nail technician and high-quality products are the two things that are non-negotiable when opening a nail salon. Without these two things, client retention is nearly impossible.

What tips would you like to give to aspiring nail technicians?
One main tip for all aspiring nail technicians is to be patient with yourself. They should learn all the new and old techniques from all the sources available. Technicians should always be open to learning at all stages for their experience. They can’t be close-minded.

Which nail product did you discover this year that you love?
This season, we are in love with a new brand of gel paint called Beyad. We love its smoothness and stunning finish!

What are your expectations for the nail industry this year, particularly in terms of products, hygiene, technology, etc.?
Our Indian nail industry should consider wearing an extra pair of eyeglasses and a separate pair of gloves to protect the fingers of the technician while they shape accented nails! As they create magic on our nails, their fingers suffer, as the filers they use are sharp. So, we expect this technology to be introduced in India soon, thereby reducing their burden. It shall save time and at the same time maintain hygiene for both the client as well as the nail technician.

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