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The new age man, a well groomed man!

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This International Men’s Day, we bring to you a list of simple tricks that will help you in your grooming and look like a true gentleman who is dapper and confident.

Gone are the days when grooming was gender specific and was meant for women. The male grooming industry is currently one of the most booming industries. By 2024, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about 81.2 billion U.S. dollars. India’s male grooming industry is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 45 percent and touch Rs 35000 crore (approx $5.5 billion) from the current Rs 16,800 crore (approx $2.64 billion) as per an article on Fashion Network.

The dilemma of finding products
Earlier in India, men did not have an option when it came to finding products specifically targeted for them and their needs. But things have changed now. Brands have realised the potential in the male grooming sector and are tapping into it. Brands like Beardo, The Man Company, Jaguar, Andis, Depot, etc are big players in the male grooming industry in India and are growing exponentially. With the inception of social media and influencers, people are more aware about the importance of grooming and are willing to buy products to try and look their best.

Groom well
No shave November and the unruly homeless look is so last season. It is important for you to be charming and dapper and look it too. Contrary to belief, male grooming won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You just need to find the products that suit your needs and wallet.

A trimmer is something all men need. It is absolutely necessary for your facial and body hair to be kept in shape and tamed at all times. Having a beard can be sexy, but having a well kept one can be sexier. The seven day old stubble look is your best friend and will keep you looking like your best version. Pro tip, armpit hair pleases no one. Period!

It is time to stop using those dad hair dyes and actually invest some time in colouring your hair well. Instead of using a hair dye that is filled with harsh and harmful chemicals, use a hair colour formulated with no ammonia You can always experiment with colours and go for the more daring colours or go for something more classic in the brown toned family.

Get a haircut that suits your face shape. Keep it to a minimal at the back of your head and leave more on the top of your head to add more volume. Don’t overdo it though, no one likes looking like they have a birds nest atop their head. If man buns are more your thing, grow your hair out in a more ruly manner. Get your hair trimmed from time to time to avoid split ends and let it grow gradually. Wash your hair at least twice a week and oil if needed. Onion oil is great for boosting hair growth. Avoid using hair ties that are too loud or thick. Instead go for the black thin elastics that are almost invisible. You can also invest in a hair wax or hair gel to set your hair for special occasions.

No one should have to tell you this, but being hygenic is of utmost importance. Use body gels or soaps with a musky and woody smell. This will help keeping body odour at bay. Which brings me to my next and most important tip, body odour. Body odour can be a big turn off for men and women. Keep it at bay by using a roll on and a perfume or deo in your favorite scent. It doesn’t have to be overly priced, anything that fits your budget and keeps you smelling fresh will do!

Inculcating these simple tips can make a world of difference and make you feel confident and put together. Go ahead, try them and see how much better it makes you feel. On that note, Happy International Men’s Day!

Written by Payal Upase

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