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Fenty Beauty’s Inspiration for its New Fragrance Launch

by Professional Beauty India
Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty’s new fragrance launch was inspired by the ‘ghost kitchens’

Fenty by Rihanna is inspired to create Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin after years of experimenting with the best-of-the-best in beauty. As there is still a void in the industry for products that perform across all skin types and tones. Now, it has become a frequent disruptor in the USD 532 Billion global fashion and beauty industry.  Fenty is frequently producing products that address the needs of people of colour.

The million-dollar idea of Barbarian for Fenty’s Eau De Parfum is inspired by ‘ghost kitchens’ i.e. delivery-only services that don’t require physical addresses. Barbarian created five secret Fenty ghost stories. These are made available on online-only e-commerce platforms hidden in locations central to the scent’s creation on Google Maps. Making ghost stores accessible globally. 

Over the span of five days, Barbarian teased the existence of the stores on Fenty’s social channels. They launch each one every day, which drives anticipation and fervor online. Each of their stores allows fans to scroll through a multi-sensory diary of the scent’s creation. The dairy features intimate memories from the stunning creator, Rihanna.

This ingenious campaign sets off enormous interest and support from the press to social media. As a result, it sold out within hours of the launch. Each ghost store was selling out of its limited-edition stock. Not only because of the hype of the hunt, but also because of the detailed, authentic storytelling which broke the need-for-trial barrier. 

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