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Finding the silver lining midst the COVID-19 storm

by Arun Shirishkar

The salon industry has undoubtedly had to face problems during the pandemic. Vikas Marwah, Owner – Vikas Marwah’s Salon & Academy is here with his positive flair to talk to us about the current and future condition of the hair salon industry

How has it been for you adapting the new normal?

Change is a constant and adapting to it is a great opportunity if perceived in a positive manner. Embracing change is what brings about innovation and this is applicable to the hairstyling industry as well. I’m using this time constructively to engage clients with easy stay at home hair styling and hair care tips, interacting with my clients through the virtual medium. 

What inspires you? What is your silver lining in this COVID storm?
My inspiration and motivation has always been the way hair styling and hair education can transform the confidence of my clients. Being able to do that even during this COVID Storm through online platforms and Vikas Marwah social media handles has been the silver lining during this pandemic storm. The feedback I’ve received from my clients has been positively overwhelming and I’m absolutely grateful for the same.

You have been quite active on social media. How has it helped you leverage your business in this lockdown?
In this time of rapid and fast paced global communication, what is most important is that we stay connected with our clients. It has helped me to constructively engage with my clients which enables business promotion positively. 

Do you think hairstyles and colour will be the new way of expression for clients, more than ever? 
Yes, of course! This lockdown has had a negative impact on the hair health of many people. Every client has a different hair styling need. Styling and colouring the tresses in the most suitable manner according to the client’s need will be the new way of transforming one’s personality post lockdown. 

What have you learned from this lockdown period?
I believe that learning should never stop. This belief has proven to be true now during the lockdown more than ever. This lockdown period has taught us that it is important to stay connected, adapt and never give up. 

What’s next in the pipeline, post lockdown for your business?
We’ve got many hair styling appointments in the pipeline post lockdown. Being able to transform our client’s hair persona has been something we are looking forward to post quarantine! 

Lastly, any tips for our readers who want to be a hairdresser?
The field of hair styling has seen a constant transformation. It is significant to stay constantly updated and keep learning. Having a learning disposition and using this lockdown time constructively is key.

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