Get your swatch party on, it’s national lipstick day!


Let’s celebrate national lipstick day by knowing our favourite makeup product better.

The perfect outfit, along with the right shoes and accessories can lift your confidence and make you feel elated on the whole. But what holds the true magic of tying this whole look into a complete one is a small tube of color, your lipstick. As 29th July is marked as national lipstick day, let’s walk down memory lane and witness the journey of this amazing makeup product.

A bullet tube for all
Lipstick has been an integral part of the personality of men and women alike. It’s an expression of who you are. From glossy to matte to creamy or a simple tint, lipsticks are served to you in every formula to fit your every mood and need. Putting on lipstick can literally turn up your day. Your lipstick can make you feel empowered, it can elevate your look, it can make the statement you want to make for you, the list is endless.

A tint of nostalgia
For many women in India, makeup might just consist of lipstick and kajal, especially for the tier two or three crowd. For people who cannot afford or wish to invest in an entire makeup kit, all they need is lipstick and they are good to go. Age-old tricks like using lipstick as a blush and at times also as an eyeshadow has been used by mothers every time we went on stage for a performance in school. Throwback to the good ol’ days!

Swatching through the ages
The journey of lipsticks is dated to have started centuries ago. In earlier civilizations, makeup was considered to be a sign of status symbol. Greek women used crushed mulberries to achieve rosy cheeks and tinted lips. Guerlain, Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Elizabeth Arden were few of the companies that started making lipsticks an easy and user-friendly makeup product. Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood glam icon of the ’50s was the one to first popularize the bright red bold lip.

Shades of empowerment
Lipsticks in the earlier days were considered to be a sign of empowerment and also a symbol of feminism. Not much has changed from then to now. The shift from pinks, reds, and berries to yellows, greens, and blues has made an expression of oneself bolder and edgier. One can tailor the color of their lipsticks to match their personality. From feminine shades to more quirkier ones. There is an option for every mood and everyone!

Let lose your buck!
Brands have cashed on the opportunity of National Lipstick Day by giving their customers offers they cannot refuse. Colourpop cosmetics has announced a flat 40% off on their lipsticks. Brands like Colorbar, are running an offer of buy two get one lipstick free. MAC Cosmetics has an offer where if you purchase for products above ₹3000, you get a full-size lipstick free! So grab your wallets and make the most of these offers while getting yourself everyone’s favourite makeup product, lipstick.

Written by Purnima Vasaikar and Payal Upase



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