Gold gets a new shimmer in makeup


North Indian bride is getting a makeover as artists and brides alike explore newer tones of gold.

No festival can beat the celebration of a big fat Indian wedding. And if the wedding is a north Indian one, the shenanigans are louder and more glamorous. For a bride-to-be, her make-up takes centrestage amidst lavish functions and over-the-top outfits. Gold, which has always played an important role in make-up and clothes, is getting a more contemporary twist. We find out more about this gold makeover.

Make (up) or break the look
A flawless make-up, which manages to accentuate the high points of a brides face, without looking too cakey and overdone is the type of makeup that photographs the best. Gold is a colour that has dominated the North Indian bridal make-up look for decades now. Gold is prominently used on the eyelids and as the highlighter. The reason behind this is mainly because the bridal outfits are heavily gold based. So, to accentuate the gold in the outfit and to tie the look together, the makeup is also very gold based. This look however doesn’t give the natural “’glow-from-within’ effect. Bollywood brides like Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have opted for a natural look over a loud gold make-up look at their respective weddings. We see this trend percolating amongst the masses, too.

To give it a more contemporary look, use variations of gold such as rose gold or dull gold. Also, using finer glitter or shimmers and foil eyeshadows elevate the look, making it look cleaner and sleek in comparison to chunkier glitter that looks tacky. Also, skipping on adding gold glitter to your hairdo and replacing it with flowers or a rose gold finer glitter amps up the look making it look chic.

Insights from the expert
Natasha Dhody, a make-up artist and educator with over 22 years of experience, says, “There is a definite shift in the way brides like their make-up now. Earlier the make-up was colourful with fancy bindis that made the bride the centre of attention. But now all the states in North India take their make-up inspiration from the cosmopolitan cities who get influenced by western trends. This has resulted in a shift from a more colourful palette to a more earthy and pastel one. We as make-up artists work to deliver and fulfill the wishes of the bride and make her look her best on her big day.”

Written By – Payal Upase

Image courtesy: Instagram.


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