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The professional nail category in India is still in its growing stage. To help us gain insights on the workings of this category, we have Mr. Ubaid Dadndekar from R Nail lounge, to share his experience and knowledge with us.

1. What are you going to present at PB Delhi show?
R Nail lounge is very excited to be presenting at the PB Delhi show. It is such a huge platform where we can showcase our professional range of nail products and appeal to the masses. With the expecting footfall, we are sure to reach the salons of several people and have a great show.

2. What’s trending for A/W 2019?
Nail enhancement is the new trend in nail grooming in India. PolyGel is a concept that is a breakthrough nail enhancement. It can be applied as an overlay or used to sculpt a full set of nails. The formula delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails that nail technicians and clients can count on. Once applied, PolyGel is astonishingly light on clients and stronger than hard gels. So my pick for the trend for A/W 2019 in India would be PolyGel.

3. What’s out of vogue?
I think nail polishes that provide a gel like shine with curing them under a LED lamp are out of vogue, people have fallen in love with a professionally done gel manicure. The look and finish that we achieve from a gel manicure that has been cured under a LED machine is unlike anything else.

4. What would you say is the USP of R Nail lounge and its products?
We like to stay a step ahead in the game and bring the latest launches and technologies in India. Not just this, we ensure that our pricing is right and that the quality is not compromised on. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and we believe in doing so by providing products of great quality at the right price. This is what sets us apart from other brands and is our USP.

5. What new things can we expect from your brand in the near future?
We have several things in the pipeline for our audience, but the one thing we are very excited for is that we will be launching glow in the dark nails soon.

6. What future plans do you have your training academy?
Our plan is to grow and educate. We want to reach pan India, so we can provide everyone with great quality products and also help everyone learn and master the art of professional nail care and services.

7. How is the growth in India in the professionally done nail and nail art section?
Professional nails in India is still in its initial stage. We still have a lot of room to grow and expand. But it is growing rapidly and it on a rise. It will take 3-4 years for salons to understand and work properly and efficiently in this category.

Written by Payal Upase


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