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Hair colour 101 with Sophia Hilton!

by Arun Shirishkar

International Skills Academy hosted hair maestro, Sophia Hilton in Mumbai. The Academy collaborated with the popular, British personality to bring the best of international hairdressing and colouring skills to our country

On the 25th of February, International Skills Academy, an educational facility for specialized education in the beauty industry hosted a three-day educational program for hair enthusiasts in India, to hone their existing skills and bring the finesse to the craft of hair colour and hairstyling, into the Indian market. The private workshop was attended by renowned salon owners and hairstylists across India. Sophia Hilton and her team of experts also touched upon the business of hair, with a focus on social media as a medium to reach audiences and how to carve out your niche, in this competitive space. 

The guide to a perfect balayage
Sophia Hilton took the students through a masterclass on two prominent trends in the international market, the perfect bleed, and the cheating balayage. The perfect bleed helped the students achieve a complete overhaul on vivid colours and bleeding techniques to achieve those perfect gradients of colour. The cheating balayage taught the students to get a variety of natural and higher construct results using balayage boards, foil, and their hands, as opposed to the traditional balayage, which is all about subtle, natural pieces, applied in a freehand manner.

Craft of hair colouring
The masterclass also touched upon the business and practical side of the craft of hair colouring and educated the students on the difference between traditional and cheating balayage and the techniques that can be used to achieve them, along with hacks, tips to get more lift and simple ways to achieve a more expensive look. The course also helped the students perfect their bleeding techniques to save time on the job, knowledge about how to work with vivid colours and how to remove them, the post-care the client should take into advisement, the fade, and maintenance of colour-treated hair. It also helped the students deal with unrealistic expectations from the client’s end and how to effectively price their services. 

Social media 101
On the business end, the students were taught how to use social media to connect with potential clients and how to create aesthetically pleasing images by just using their phones. Drawing from her personal experience, Sophia and her team emphasized on the dos & don’ts of social media and how to carve out a unique identity, true to one’s personality and brand image. 

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