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Has Omicron changed the workings of the spa and wellness industry?

by Professional Beauty India

The third wave of COVID-19 has impacted the workings of the spa and wellness industry severely. We got into a conversation with Rutu, from Spa with Rutu to gain expert insights into the current workings and future of the spa industry

A relaxing spa experience is unlike any other. It is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate after a long week. However, the onset of COVID-19 temporarily shut down spas. The drop in cases after the second wave helped in the return of a sense of normalcy. Spas reopened and people started returning for a relaxing experience. But the third wave left the spa owners in vain as people were once again reluctant about availing spa facilities.

Spa with Rutu
To help the spa industry get back on track, we have Rutu, from Spa with Rutu dishing out her expert advice. Rutu founded this venture in the year 2020 to help spa chains deliver memorable spa journeys to their guests and contribute to organic business growth in the spa, wellbeing, and hospitality industry. Her experience and vast knowledge of the spa and wellness industry, along with her commitment to developing this niche segment has led to immense success for spas and her business as well. The services provided by Spa with Rutu include training, consulting audit, concept and menu designing and business coaching. She is currently associated with luxury spas like Hyatt India and International, St. Regis, Sofitel and Independent Luxury Spa DLF Camellias.

Room for improvement and changes
While the third wave of COVID-19 has settled, it still brings new challenges and is a world of unknown. The most important thing for spas is to ensure the safety of both guests and staff. Here are few key precautions that Rutu recommends, which are non-negotiable and must be followed:

  1. Maintaining extremely high sanitation standards is critical for reducing the spread of communicable diseases.
  2. Spas should always follow the local, state and national regulations and guidelines applicable to your spa.
  3. Always give your guests an option to reschedule appointments if they are sick or exhibiting symptoms of illness, especially a cough, fever, sore throat, or shortness of breath. If employees feel unwell, are sick or exhibiting symptoms of illness, encourage employees to stay home.
  4. Tiny measures like introducing digital menus instead of hard copies can be of great help.
  5. Cleaning and disinfecting tools and implements should be a compulsory practice.
  6. Regular sanitization of communal areas, treatment rooms and restrooms is extremely important.

Rutu says, “These precautionary measures will go a long way as they help your guests feel safe and welcome at your spa.”

Customer demand and behavior
“COVID-19 resulted in several people being wary of availing spa services. However, people have started to venture outdoors and adapt to the new normal.” says Rutu. When asked to help us with tips and tricks that would help salon owners, Rutu said “There has been a drastic change in the mindset of people. Another effect of the lockdown was that people started practicing a lot more DIY’s. This has resulted in lesser people opting to pay for a spa service. However, it is important to retain your customers and invite new ones. This will be possible if the spa and wellness industry as a whole maintain follow protocols and instill the practices mentioned above. This will help us regain the trust of our customers and bring business back on track.”

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