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Here’s why prioritising wellness is more important now than ever!

by Arun Shirishkar

The slogan ‘one day can change your whole life’ sets the perfect tone for the Global Wellness Day. Celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year, this day reiterates the importance of wellbeing, taking us a step closer towards a better life.

Global Wellness Day is a social project, created by the successful Turkish businesswoman Belgin Aksoy as a not-for-profit day dedicated to living well with the goal of increasing awareness of “good living”. It is celebrated in almost 150 countries with India joining the bandwagon seven years ago. Since then, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour across the country.

Evidently, wellness is a daily, active interests for millennials in the present day. Studies reveal that millennials do spend more on wellness, especially nutrition and fitness. But wellness is not a today’s thing, but it has its roots in ancient and rural India. And in today’s pandemic scenario, maintaining a psychological and physiological wellbeing is of utmost priority.

For additional insights on the importance and significance of the Global Wellness Day India, Shriyal Sethumadhavan, Executive Editor, Professional Beauty & Hairdressers Journal India, went live on the @probeautyindia Instagram page as part of the Professional Beauty Tuesday Sundowner Series with Dr Rekha Chaudhari, Wellness Ambassador India, Pioneer of Global Wellness Day in India, and Managing Director of OneLine Wellness. Here are key takeaways from the fire-side chat:

Personal wellbeing:
• Revival and restarting of the beauty and wellness industry along with the entire industry coming together as a team have been the biggest achievements during these pandemic times. This was necessary for the wellbeing of this industry.
• The wellness roots of India lie in the rural and tribal regions. These are closest to nature and it is in these places that one can experience true wellness and wellbeing.
• Global Wellness Day was started in India with a moto of making people aware about importance and significance of self-care and focusing on mental and physical wellbeing.
• Skill workers of the beauty industry have been adversely affected during the COVID times. This led me to initiate ‘Parasmani’, under which, sessions have been conducted by the experts on how to maintain a peaceful and healthy life.
• I also started an online course for these skilled workers called, ‘Skill OneLine wellness’ which would help them adopt new techniques and norms of new life.

Workforce wellbeing:
• This is also an important aspect of an organisation’s functioning, as its success depends upon the having a workforce that is fit and healthy, both, physically and mentally.
• For ensuring that the workforce is stress-free and healthy, it is important for an organisation to adapt a culture of self-care and self-respect.
• It is also important to educate the workforce about the importance of personal wellbeing.

The live interview concluded with Dr Chaudhari saying, “Health is wealth.” She said, “Wellness is not a luxury but a necessity and the pandemic has been an eye opener that one should take utmost care of health.”

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