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Holiday care for your tresses by Streax Professional

by Arun Shirishkar

It’s the holiday season as the year comes to an end. Celebrate the coming new year with a relaxing holiday and in hope that it will bring good health for you and your loved ones. While we plan and prepare for everything before heading for a vacation, we often miss well-being of our hair and tend to struggle with our tresses during and after the vacation is over.

For everyone planning a vacation or going out on a holiday, we bring to you some tips and hacks to care for your tresses by hair expert Mr Sameer Hamdare, Zonal Technical Manager at Streax Professional.

What To Carry Along?
On a trip, it is advisable to carry your own products as you are already used to all the right products suggested by your stylist for hair nourishment. Along with that, always keep a serum bottle handy and use one which has a UV protection in it, as hair will be exposed to UV rays and those harmful rays can lighten the hair and can also damage the hair structure.

As you spend time sightseeing or doing outdoor activities, your hair may be subjected to dirt making your scalp greasy. Use a dry shampoo to give yourself a fresh feel the next day or in between the day.

What To Avoid And How To Protect?
Protecting your hair from the sun is often overlooked. While it is as important as your skin to protect your hair, wearing a hat or wrap your hair with a scarf, otherwise too much exposer to the Sun can lead to fade the hair colour quickly and also dry the hair. Do apply a UV protection hair serum. As your hair may already be exposed to the sun, using heat styling tools can lead to further damage. Avoid blow drying and allow your hair to air dry.

If you plan to take a dip in the pool, protect your hair before going into the pool by applying a serum or a leave-in conditioner, so it does not soak up the chlorine, also once you are out of the pool then rinse your hair immediately as chlorine water has lots of chemical in it and can damage your hair.

Pre & Post Salon Visit
Before you head for your holiday, visit your stylist and get a trim. It will give you a fresh look and get rid of all split ends and dry hair. Use all the tips and hacks to best care for your tresses, but as you get back from your vacation, do visit a salon and get your hair analysed for a suitable treatment. Enjoy the holidays and give lots of love to your crowning glory!

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