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How are salons reopening across the world? – Maharashtra and Bangalore, India

by Arun Shirishkar

Your next visit to a beauty salon visit will come as a surprise to  you! The compulsory maintenance of social distancing norms, undergoing thermal checks once you enter the beauty salon to getting along your own personal items such as towels, the salon experience post lockdown is set for a sea change

In order to get back the normalcy in India after the Coronavirus outbreak, restrictions in some states have been eased and many salons in some selected areas have resumed work. Despite the resumption of operations, the scare of COVID-19 transmission still exists. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial for salon service providers to ensure that the resumption in services does not promote transmission. Therefore, many salons have come up with rules of their own.

Rules in Maharashtra
In Maharashtra, the country’s most affected state with over 50,000 confirmed cases, salon services in Nanded district reopened. According to a report by the IE, Nanded’s Collector Vipin Itankar has issued certain guidelines that everyone needs to follow if they want salon services. The guidelines, as highlighted by the report, stated that everyone visiting a salon has to book a prior appointment. A minimum of three feet distance has been made necessary within a salon and the service providers have been asked to ensure that their combs, scissors, and brushes are well sanitised and sterilized before every use.

Another peculiar practice that has been added to the list of salon service guidelines. If you are living in Nanded and wish to get a haircut done, then you have to bring your own towel for it, the report said. If you do not have one, you will either be asked to go and get it from the house or buy a new one.

Rules in Bangalore
In Bangalore, Another IE report citing a manager at BBlunt salon said that since the usage of PPE kits, gloves and masks have become important, they have been strictly using it in order to avoid being infected with Coronavirus. The shifts of staff have also been split so that there is no cross contamination within the salon.

To counter the concern and fear of being infected by Coronavirus, the YLG chain of salons in the city checks the temperature and oxygen levels of each and every customer who walks in, the IE report underlined. While thermal check-ups are done frequently, the salon has decided to introduce oximeters as well that ensures if the customer’s oxygen level is above 92 per cent. Apart from this, customers are also made to sign a self declaration form that includes their travel history along with any mild symptom or if they come in contact with any COVID-19 positive person. According to the report, people are also being asked to download the Aarogya Setu app.

Source: Financial Express

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