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How can the beauty and wellness industry in India revive in 2021?

by Arun Shirishkar

The world is on the path of changes with all the business dynamics transforming due to COVID-19 pandemic. And unlike every other industry, even the beauty and wellness industry in India are no exception and are trying to adapt new revival business models. This touch-based industry is going all out to embrace the new normal conditions. Here are a few revival paths for beauty and wellness in 2021:

Salon at home: It is said that the best and safest place to be in during these difficult pandemic times is home. Hence, the salons should adapt to the business revival model of home services on appointment basis, which will help in retain their old and loyal clients and reduce the overheads.

Freelance make-up artist: On one side, where the pandemic has affected physical events, parties, and wedding functions, it is also unable to decay the spirit for functions and parties. And here comes in picture the freelance make-up artist who can play a role in beautifying, especially the brides, offering a look as stunning as they would in the pre-COVID era. This is also the safest business model as it will be appointment based and easy to operate in basic investment and zero infrastructure cost.

E-commerce platform: In the new normal, the retail stores are replaced by the online stores through various e-commerce websites, which helps the customers avail the best deals with just one click at their doorsteps. Recently, there have been many online stores dedicated only to the beauty and wellness segment offering exposure even for the professional brands.

Digital demos: Brands these days are launching, unboxing, and offering certificate courses through virtual classes. This is resulting into an ocean of knowledge in the beauty segment that can be availed by aspiring beauty professionals.

Staying ahead in the beauty and wellness business in these pandemic times is tough as one must continuously polish their skills, offer their clients an unforgettable experience, and hold on to this competitive atmosphere to survive and revive as an entrepreneur.

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