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How the spa business can bounce back after COVID-19 lockdown?

by Arun Shirishkar

Professional Beauty India brought esteemed experts in the spa and wellness sector in one panel discussion to discuss happenings in the spa industry amidst and post the lockdown. Payal Upase lists down the key takeaways and learnings from the panel discussion

On the 22nd of April, Professional Beauty India conducted their panel discussion in the #PBQuaranLive series. The focus of the panel discussion was ‘How the spa business can bounce back after the COVID-19 lockdown?’

The panelists for the session included some of the most esteemed experts in the spa and wellness industry. The panel included Rekha Choudhari, Global Wellness India ambassador and spa veteran; Dr Manoj Kutteri, Spa Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre; Rajan Kalra, Director and Wellness Tourism Expert, Beautiful Soul Pvt Ltd and Jean-Guy de Gabriac, Founder, World Wellness Weekend. This session was moderated by Kanishka Ramchandani, Consulting Editor, Professional Beauty India. The hour long session consisted of insights from the experts and also some great solutions to problems that may occur in the future.

Here are some key takeaways from the discussion:

Hygiene and sanitation: One needs to come up with strict regulations/guidelines. Don’t rely on your government. You need to take the charge.

  • Keep sanitisation and health factors at the forefront.
  • Spas should go beyond beauty and emphasis on taking immense care of clients’ and employees’ health and immunity.
  • Staff screening and periodical health checkups are mandatory.
  • Work on your reopening plan and think of ways that will assure your client’s about the hygiene of the spa. 

Tourism and spas: As long as your spa has the perfect sanitisation policy in place, the decline in tourism won’t affect your business a lot.

  • It’s viable to promote your business locally.
  • Change your business approach and adopt a holistic approach. 

Staff management: Use technology and connect with your staff. Educate them.

  • Use this lockdown period to train your staff. Teach them the importance of personal hygiene. Revise ‘ABC’s of spas business with them.
  • Instead of laying off, staggering or flexible hours can be a better option.

Governmental aid: No relief packages or even collateral loans are chalked out by the Indian government for the spa and wellness sector yet.

Customer relations: Customers will keep an eye on the hygienic policies followed by your spa and wellness centres rather than the discounts. They won’t even mind spending extra.

  • Keep an eye on your client’s history. Make sure each and every bit of information is communicated well to your clients.
  • Customers’ inflow will gradually increase.

We would like to thank our panelists for giving us their precious time and sharing their expertise with our audience. 

Had a network glitch? Missed parts of the discussion? Click on the following link for the recorded webinar: https://youtu.be/sMuynccAAR0

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