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How to approach your business in the current scenario?

by Arun Shirishkar

At present, with several state governments including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh imposing the lockdown – all shops except essential services are to remain shut till the end of April. Having said that, salons, and beauty parlous are to remain completely shut too.

Sachin Kamat, Director, Enrich, says, “The pandemic came as a surprise last year and it took time for everyone to come to terms with it.” He adds, “With the second wave, things are different. While it has come with newer complications, we also have some experience dealing with it and hopefully with the learning curve kicking in, we should be able to deal with it better than we did last year.”

From a business perspective, what could be the next step forward for the salons and the grooming industry?

For Enrich, or for all the players in the industry, Sachin suggests ways to approach the business in the current scenario:
• At all times, ensure the safety of your teams and your customers at the highest priority. At Enrich, we immediately decided to take the initiative to get all our team members tested, not just in the state where the curbs were announced but across all the cities that we are present in.
• Think of long-term solutions rather than stop gap ones. We are already dealing with the second wave and mutations of the virus, and now we can expect that there could be more waves. So, strengthening all our touchpoints with our customers’ needs to be the focus- regardless of whether it is performing services at the salons or at the customers premises, delivering products from the salon or through our website, app or even through other online formats.
• And this can be implemented only if we are able to effectively communicate through all the available channels from one-on-one calls, to using all the possible technologies that we can get access to today.

Implementing this is also going to be a significant challenge given the dynamic rate at which newer norms are coming in, and that you will have to create workflows for each of them and cascade them across your teams, says Sachin. Here again, he mentions that the experience of last year should come in handy, “and at the least we should be able to do this better than we did previously.”

Through such trying times, Sachin mentions, “We will have to depend upon the resilience of the individuals, and more importantly, the culture of the organisation will work as a strong glue to keep the team together and support each other.”

#WeAreInThisTogether, and we can’t agree more!


Sachin Kamat has been a marketing, communication, and brand building professional for two decades before he got involved with Enrich in 2010. As the brand custodian at Enrich, he oversees the brand interactions in the areas of employee and customer engagement and also across other touch points. If you have any questions with regards to business development and brand building, share them in the comments section below.

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