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How to build your brand in the organic beauty space?

by Arun Shirishkar

Dr. Disha Dinakar, MBBS, Co-founder Digvijaya Herbals, shares insights on how to build an organic beauty brand in today’s market space considering the enormous competition and saturation of the beauty space.

The Indian Market And Organic Personal Care
India is home to Ayurveda and a large number of natural remedies. Undoubtedly the hype behind organic personal care products is justified by its effective results. Leading to the Indian market being flooded with organic brands, as discerning customers are demanding natural products when it comes to their beauty and skincare routines. In a market with rife competition the kind of digital transformation along with multiple opportunities flooding ensures a profitable outcome in various other ways.

Key Factors To Build Your Organic Beauty Brand
Disha lists down some of the most important factors that one must keep in mind if they intend to build a beauty brand in the organic domain.

Extensive Research
The organic business requires thorough research and in-depth knowledge. Since one is dealing with skincare or haircare one must precisely acquire knowledge that is more than just the product. Knowing the ingredients and having the right kind of formulations that helps people’s concerns is very important. 

Authenticity Is Key
Emphasise on the need for products to be authentic and pure! According to Disha, “You can’t call products organic and push them into the market if they are not completely organic. Putting efforts in sourcing ingredients if your brand claims to be organic.”

Combat Initial Challenges
Staring up in the organic space involves loads of paperwork like licensing and drug approvals along with the challenge of hiring the right professionals that work on product formulations. These initial challenges are bound to appear in the process of building your brand and hence one must find ways to overcome them.

Long-term vision
“Do start the business, but, start it with a sustainable approach with long-term vision and short-term goals and be in it for the long haul. Staying consistent is more crucial than any other thing to sustain and thrive in any market” says Disha.

Run Small Trials
Run small trials before a product launch maybe with friends and family to get genuine feedback. If your friends and family like it, promotions through word of mouth will help. People have different skin types and not everyone will achieve desired results according to their concern. Hence in order to drive effective results one can run small trials and take its results into consideration.

Influencer Marketing
Disha believes that in today’s digital era Influencer Marketing helps brands connect with their audiences. It has helped various beauty brands to turn into multi-million dollar beauty brands and is an essential marketing activity to take your brand to the next level.

About Digvijaya Herbals
Digvijaya Herbals is a certified organic brand that offers an innovative range of skincare, haircare, health, and wellness products that are made with naturally sourced ingredients and formulation. The entire range of Digvijaya Herbals employs potent organic formulations, that administer a higher concentration of active ingredients in each product to provide safe and natural care effectively.

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