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The ambience of your salon can be a deal maker for your business. Read on to know tips and tricks on creating the perfect ambience.

Your resumé is the first impression that you create on a potential employer. Similarly, what a client sees and how he/she feels within the first few seconds of entering a salon often makes or breaks customer satisfaction and retention. A salon may have good services and treatments, but the perfect ambience takes the experience to a whole new level.

Zarah Hooda, Owner, Hair Affair by Zarah, believes that a good salon ambience creates a huge impact on the client, as it makes the salon look appealing. It also builds a level of trust with the clients. She notes, “At our salon, we care a lot about this. We believe that as soon as a client steps into a salon, the initial vibes impact them and stay with them. Therefore, having a great ambience affects the client right from the very start and helps in giving him/her a pleasant overall experience.” She adds, “Of course, salon hygiene is undoubtedly very important for us and we strive to give our clients a clean, stress-free, and fun ambience!”

Here are three quick tips for salon owners while dressing up their salons:
1. Select a theme: It’s important to have a theme that mirrors the salon’s spirit, mood and tone, and thus have the furniture, accessories, mirrors, etc., sync with and complement the theme.
2. Avoid clutter: Salons are usually a busy place and there’s a lot happening there constantly. Don’t make it worse by crowding or cluttering the space too much, as it could take away from the client’s experience.
3. Stay updated: Try to stay on-trend, in terms of the styles and interiors of your salon. Of course, if your salon has a retro theme, then it’s a given that you may stick to that. If not, then try to keep the space modern and chic.

Base essentials
Speaking of some more essentials, Hooda says, “Salons love to pamper their clients! Scented candles, essential oils, lively or soothing music – depending on the treatment, bright lights, personal hygiene, and hospitality are some of the many things that highlight and promote a favourable experience.”

It’s not compulsory for your salon to look expensive. But, it’s important for it to look classy and well put-together.

It’s often said that a hairstylist is not just someone who cuts a client’s hair, but is often a friend, confidant, and someone the client can unwind with. Similarly, it is important to keep in mind that for many clients, a salon is literally like their second home. A place where they can unwind, sip a cup of coffee, and feel good. A happy space, indeed!

By Benaifer J Mirza


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