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A quick pick-me-up For your skin!

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Dermalogica launches a fifteen minute No Touch professional skin treatment

The lockdown has been lifted in several states and salons have reopened for some services. But while many of us have gone for much needed hair services, we are still wary of skin services – where direct person-to-person contact is central to the experience. 

Zero Touch Facials
Keeping this in mind, Dermalogica has launched the perfect solution to handle all your skin woes. They have introduced four brand new services  which are 15-Minute, zero touch facefits – skin services that will tackle your skin’s needs in just 15-minutes. The services are complete with the new service protocols, detailed hygiene measures and an international training for the skin therapists so that they follow the highest safety measures during the service.

Need some skincare TLC!
Our skin has gone through a lot during the lockdown – from heat to stress, late nights and extensive exposure to the computer screens – causing breakouts, dullness, dehydration & sensitivity. With the onset of the monsoon, your skin is now prone to acne, breakouts and increased oiliness.

Safe services
The Dermalogica No-touch professional targeted treatment is ideal for the current COVID-19 situation as they are performed with clients in a sitting position ensuring that distancing is maintained. The service protocols are created so that there is zero contact with client and therapist – only sterilized accessories are used in the application, making the service experience completely safe . The short service time ensures that you are in the external environment for a reduced time – yet getting the benefits of a complete, professional skin service. The Dermalogica therapist undergoes the Clean Touch Certification program – a comprehensive training which covers all aspects of salon hygiene, therapist and customer safety, ensuring highest standards of hygiene and safety in service delivery

The Dermalogica 15-minute No Touch treatment offers 4 treatment options to choose from:  

Luminous Defence
Packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, this treatment works to brighten, firm and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation for a luminous glow. 

Flash Firm and Lift Facefit
This treatment, with products rich in vitamins A, C,E, F and retinol helps against the primary triggers of ageing. It boosts cell renewal and encourages firmness, elasticity, hydration & inhibits biochemical reactions that lead to signs of skin ageing. 

Active Clearing Facefit
Fight breakouts and soothe the skin with this treatment that protects skin from environmental assault, promotes barrier health, soothes and works with the skin’s natural microbiome for clearer, brighter skin.

Deeply Nourishing Facefit
Hydrate and deeply nourish your skin for a long-lasting dewy glow with this treatment. Phyto oils promote skin repair and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier, defending from pollution and against free radical damage while providing nourishment, soothing and conditioning to the skin.

Attractively priced at Rs 1500, these treatments are available at your nearest salon.

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