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A smart salon guide for winning over your local clientele!

by Arun Shirishkar

Salon business is getting back on its feet. It’s the best time to target local clientele, in terms of marketing. To help salon business experts, Purnima Vasaikar has lined up three digital tips that will guide your local clients back to your salon.

With the new normal set in place, your distant clients might feel hesitant to travel and avail your services. But remember there’s always a ray of hope. The local clientele is your ray of rebooting your salon business. Simply because you are easily accessible to them. Your efforts in building clients assurity by providing a sanitized and safe salon might lure in new clients. But today we are here to give to three main tips to target and capture your localities.

Pin yourself on the map
We live in an era where google recommendations are valued more than human referrals. If you are not on this boat, you are missing out a major chunk of your local clientele. Studies have shown that 76% of people who use Google Maps or Google My Business are more likely to visit a business related to their search that very same day! You surely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Make sure you claim your business on the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and local websites.

Game of hashtags
During this lockdown, one thing that has kept your clients connected to you is social media. Apart from being a great platform for building customer relationships, its element – Hashtag, can be of great use to target local clientele. With the change in the algorithm and advancement in social media insights, you can easily target your local clients. All you need to do is a little research and reel out a hashtag list. Keep an eye on your insights.

Let’s talk geography
If you are ready to invest some money, Facebook ads can be the next best thing to do. Thanks to the geo-targeting option, you can easily target your key local audience. From the radius to the gender you can practically narrow down the audience who will see your ad. You need to be very careful with these options, if done right you can easily turn a local prospect into a client.

Get onto your laptops or phones and inculcate these tips in your marketing strategy. You need your local clients and they need you.

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