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Curly hair girls, we’ve got you!

by Professional Beauty India

Times have changed and the world is moving towards authenticity – people are feeling more empowered to be unique, to embrace their personality and natural beauty than ever before. Schwarzkopf Professional understands that textured hair is more than just a trend, it’s an expression of self, a statement and yes, a way of life! Curls & Natural hair texture are now more than ever an important part of the hair movement globally: curly hair and styles are featured everywhere from blogs to magazines to social media. It’s time to celebrate every hair texture and be Mad About Curls.

The Expertise Of Mad About Curls
Schwarzkopf Professional understands that each and every individual hair type has unique characteristics. It is important to understand the texture of one’s hair and choose their regime accordingly. According to the Mad Over Curls expertise, there is a simple regime you can follow depending on the type of texture you have:
Wavy hair: Shampoo + butter Treatment
Curly Hair: Shampoo + butter treatment + Leave in Cream

The Technology Of Mad About Curls
Infused with cutting-edge Aquarine Complex, Mad About Curls helps strengthen the hair, moisturise them, provide heat protection, ensure up to 96% less breakage, ensure up to 94% less split ends and wraps every strand in a ‘care shield’ for touchable definition.

“At Schwarzkopf Professional, we are looking every year at opportunities that help us create solutions for global hair requirements. Mad About Curls is a bold and opportune step in the direction of product innovation and category outreach. Given its availability in the magnanimous world of e-commerce, we are excited and immensely hopeful that Mad About Curls is easily accessible to customers and salon professionals alike. The present of the hair industry is digital, diverse and dynamic and Schwarzkopf Professional has promptly and cleverly adapted to the same” Shama Dalal, Head of Marketing, Schwarzkopf Professional.

The System Of Mad About Curls
To Cleanse, To Care, To Protect & Style.
Known to be ‘the curlier, the dryer’, the cleanse assortment varies in care level and surfactants accordingly. From light to deep conditioning, nourishment levels that all kinds of dry hair need are available in this assortment. This range of products has an assortment of styling products.

To attain complete benefits of the Aquarine Complex, it’s recommended one uses the assortment as a holistic care and styling regime for gorgeous, lasting curls and waves to not only be proud of but also fearlessly flaunt!

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