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Disinfect your surroundings with the new launch by Oneline Wellness!

by Arun Shirishkar

Online Wellness has recently launched self sanitizing nano active disinfectants

Oneline Wellness has just launched a range of self-sanitising nano active disinfectants, which ensure freedom from germs in just one application. The company has assessed the current scenario of the pandemic and identified the need of disinfectants which disrupt less and provide more protection. B.LAB’s  Self Sanitizing disinfectants are a new breed of disinfectants that offer superior business benefits and economics. These unique nano technology disinfectants use advanced nano-actives to attach itself and envelope the viruses and germs thereby leading to stop their transmission.

Fight against bacteria and viruses!
These disinfectants by Oneline Wellness can destroy viruses including causative HIV, HBV to offer protection from AIDS and other contagious diseases like COV Sars 2. They have a strong anti-bacterial reaction ensuring full spectrum activity against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria. They work against spread of fungi, moulds, leading to protection against rashes and infections.

Application of disinfectants
Disinfectants by Oneline Wellness can be applied in a wide range of commercial settings from offices, facilities, hotels, medical, salons, spas, gyms, aesthetic clinics, industrial environments, commercial environments, hospitals, restaurants, retail, production areas and more. They use formulation certified to meet global standards. 

B.LAB’s hygiene collection includes a wide range of disinfectants that cover all the requirements of various segments who want to re-establish their businesses with safety for themselves, frontline staff and the customers. 

Insights from Dr. Rekha Chaudari
“When a customer walks into your set-up, the feeling of safety and protection should be predominant. The staff should feel safe inorder to give their 100% to clients. B.LAB’s hygiene range is a simple, one time application product range which assures complete safety and comfort”, Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, MD, Oneline Wellness Pvt. Ltd. & Global Wellness Ambassador (India).

For more information, please visit: https://onelinewellness.com/blogs/news/oneline-wellness-launches-self-sanitising-nano-active-disinfectants

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