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Get your glam on, but with a mask

by Arun Shirishkar

A mask is an essential part of our everyday look now. We bring to you the tops and tricks that will help you ace that makeup look, even under that mask!

Masks are a part of the new normal. They are a small price to pay for our well being and safety. Our beauty routine has been upended by wearing masks, but that is no reason to step out without them! Samay Dutta, Director, NOIR Luxury Salon has come up with a guide that helps you perfect the makeup with a mask look.

Invest time in skin care
Wearing masks for long hours can lead to clogged pores and result in acne or dryness. For most of us, skin care is now more important than ever. Make sure to follow a cleansing, toning, moisturising routine every night.

Let your eyes do the talking!
The lower half of our face is now covered with a mask, so all the focus will be on your eye makeup. For the day, play with light neutral tones that brighten up your eyes. For the evening you may want to work with a more dramatic or sultry look.

Groom those brows
No eye makeup look is complete without perfect brows. Invest in brow products that suit your needs. For people with a natural strong brow, they should brush them and set them with a brow gel. For people with thin or very light brows, you can fill them using the color closest to your hair color.

Full coverage? No way!
Steer clear from heavy full-coverage face foundation — between the mask, heat and a heavy foundation, all one can imagine is clogged pores. These factors together will be the main cause for your face to break out. Instead use light to medium coverage products. Using heavy foundations will also result in it getting all over the inside of our mask or end up becoming streaky and smudged.

Setting your makeup
Make sure to set your makeup with setting powder or a setting spray to avoid any creasing around the eyes. For people with oilier skin, baking with translucent powder will lock in the makeup for longer and help in avoiding sweat around the face. Setting your makeup will also help it to not crease and avoid smile lines.

Lip care
Your everyday creme lipstick will most likely stain the mask you are wearing. But there are ways to paint your pout without the case of transfer. Using lipsticks with a transferproof formula, will help your lipstick in staying put. You can even opt for lipliners and fill your entire lip with them to give slight colour to them. Masks can cause dryness and make your lips feel chapped, make sure to apply petroleum jelly or a lip balm under your lipstick to keep your lips moist.

Edited by Payal Upase.

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