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How to become an INSTAFAMOUS nail tech

by Professional Beauty India

In a world where one post can change your life, social media-savvy nail techs Tori Watterson and Bryony Howell tell Lollie Hancock how Instagram has helped them grow their businesses.
Your work has been reposted and recreated by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Lizzo and Vogue. How did that happen?
Tori Watterson (@tori.nailedit): “Model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner reposted my work of the multi-coloured tips (pictured on the next page) at 1am. I felt physically sick –I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me. When Kylie mentioned me on her Insta Story, I’d gone to sleep with 2,000 followers and woke up with 50,000. I’ve now got more than 80,000 followers.”
Bryony Howell (@gelsbybry): “I think I never really let it get to me too much. I know some people really struggle with social media algorithms, but I think the fact that I’ve never chased it or thought that much into it has helped me grow.
“The only pressure I do feel is coming up with good designs. When I’m out and about that’s when I’m inspired, but when you’re in the same environment day-to-day, as we were during the Covid-19 lockdowns, it becomes difficult to think of new things to post.”
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