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How to ensure cash flow in salons during a pandemic?

by Arun Shirishkar

The pandemic has had an adverse effect across all industries. The salon industry has also taken a huge blow due to the lockdown. Payal Upase suggests a method of how salons can continue some cash flow despite the nationwide lockdown!

Salons have been shut due to the nationwide lockdown and are hence unable to generate any income. Salon owners have several overheads that they need to meet like rent, salaries, upkeep, etc. With no flow of income it becomes very difficult for salon owners to keep their business in good shape. 

While appeals are being made to the state government to allow a period of extension on payments of overheads by several salon owners, there is no concrete reply yet. With no aid, salon owners will find it very difficult to maintain their business. However, there are a couple of ways salon owners can ensure some flow of income before the lockdown has officially ended.

Early appointments
All your regular clients are going to be in some major need of grooming and pampering after a 21 day lockdown. From root touch ups, to waxing, trimming, threading and so much more, the list is endless. So why wait till after the lockdown to let your clients make appointments?

Set up a few numbers that your receptionist can access from her house and also set up an online Paytm/Google Pay account. You can use all your social media handles to promote that your salon is now taking pre bookings for your clients to pamper themselves after the lockdown. If it fits your bandwidth, you can offer a discount of 10% for every pre booking made. Your clients can pay a certain percentage of the amount online and they can pay the rest after they avail the services. This will ensure some amount of cash flow and also help you manage your salon schedule after the lockdown is over.

Gift Cards
Salon owners, this is the right time to push your gift cards and ask people to purchase them. These pre loaded cards can be used to avail any service after the lockdown by the client. Your clients can even use these gift cards as presents for any birthdays they may have missed out on in these weeks. 

Sale of gift cards will ensure the flow of income continues and people will be able to avail of your services and unwind after the lockdown has been lifted. 

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