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Importance of online booking in a salon

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The new normal has resulted in the handshakes and hugs to become namastes and waves. Payal Upase brings to you the importance of contactless online bookings for every salon and spa

One of the most important changes in the salon and spa industry over the last few months has been the rise in demand from clients and staff for contactless features and solutions. While some businesses may focus only on the in-store experience, the contactless journey truly begins when clients book their appointment. 

Here are a few ways online booking can help boost your salons growth:

Anytime, anywhere!
The most important reason to offer online booking is to let clients schedule appointments without contacting the front desk at your salon or spa. Clients can schedule appointments from anywhere, with their cell phone, tablet, or computer – a convenient experience overall. Because online booking eliminates the need for clients to call or visit your salon to schedule an appointment, it helps create a “deskless” front desk at your business. Staff can then focus on their customers while minimizing physical interaction and maintaining the social distancing guidelines.

Create a database
When clients book appointments online, they are asked to provide basic personal information such as their name, mobile number, and email address. Some salon and spa software providers can require clients to provide this information. Obtaining this data upfront can help salons and spas in many ways, but especially around client marketing and communications. Businesses can send appointment confirmations through email and text via the information collected during online booking. You can add clients to marketing campaigns about special promotions, upcoming events, business news, and more to help drive future bookings. It also makes saving the self declaration forms for future needs easier. 

Staying organized!
With the additional responsibilities that every salon employee has to take up, it can get very difficult to stay organized. Online bookings can help you stay organized and know your schedule well. This helps you keep a track of your clients appointments, the services they choose to opt for, the amount of each receipt, etc. Being organized is surely very important for every salon out there.

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