Meet customers new and old

Professional Beauty India is happy to announce its first physical show of the year as we look to get “Back to Business”.

We are launching a new focused format called “Professional Beauty Business” which will be a series of hotel based events hosted across the country allowing brands and key salon buyers to meet up again.

Professional Beauty Business is a highly targeted event that focuses on salon owners and directors.

Every visitor will be pre-qualified to make sure they have the potential to do business with your company.

Our rationale behind the new format

  • Whilst news of vaccines is positive, we don’t believe our industry will be ready for a blockbuster 20,000 attendee show in the first half of the year.
  • Exhibitors will be reluctant to invest in expensive stand-build.
  • Visitors may still be nervous of going to huge events and also of travelling across country to attend shows.
  • Professional Beauty Business takes most of the risk and cost out of exhibiting.

Our motive is to deliver the benefits of face to face business in a sustainable fashion that meets the realities of the world we’re in today. Hence considering the current scenario we have a special business format event where we are filtering and pre-registering visitors and focusing more on the A+, A and B Salons, distributors, wholesalers and Retailers all in accordance with the govt. SOP’s for hosting events.

Exhibiting at Professional Beauty Business Is the best decision for your brand ​

It’s time to get back to business with face-to-face connections with your key clients.

Akash Vishwakarma
+91 96999 90045

Priyanka Parshurami
 +91 98334 72397