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Rediscover week 8 of #PBQuaranLive

by Payal Upase

The eigth week of #PBQuaranLive was a smashing success. Payal Upase jots down the highlights of the week

We believe that a person should never stop learning, despite the pandemic! Professional Beauty India  brings the learning to you amidst the war against COVID-19. We urge you to stay at home and experience the wonders of virtual learning and education!

For week 8 of #PBQuaranLive in partnership with Me Safe! , we bring to you the “The Walk Around with Me Safe!” week. We enlighten you on the best way to maintain and follow safety norms, while reopening your salons. Our sessions will help, guide and educate you on how you can maintain the highest standards and ensure the safety of your employees, clients and also yourselves.

The lineup

Day 1:
We put together a line up of a few best of the best of the industry and brought them to you via your digital screen, under one platform. We kicked off week 8 with a session with the industry maestro, Nayana Karunaratne.  The virtual salon walk through of Salon Nayana by Nayana Karunaratne showed us the post-lockdown measures she had taken. Every alternate seat was closed off, her staff was wearing the necessary gear comprising an apron, masks, gloves, etc. Provisions were made for clients to sanitise their hands before entering the salon. In her conversation with Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India, Nayana Karunaratne informed her about the rules of her salon:
1. Taking clients only by prior appointments, no walk-ins.
2. Disinfecting the place and sterilising and sanitising the equipment at regular intervals.
3. Ensuring that staff is following the mandate thoroughly.
4. Clients are more aware and are cooperating
5. She has opened all her 8 salons in Sri Lanka and one in Bangalore, India.
6. Authorities are paying regular visits for inspection and they are happy with the way the salon is functioning.

Day 2
Nitin Kalwan started off day 2 with a virtual tour of Juice Salon, Dubai. The salon is ensuring sanitation of the highest degree. Every employee is wearing a mask, gloves and a PPE kit. Every alternate chair is operational in the salon. All clients have to thoroughly sanitize their hands before entering and carry minimal commodities in the salon. In his conversation with Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India, Nitin informed her about the rules of her salon:
1. Customers were initially reluctant but slowly they gained confidence and have started coming in.
2. They were following all the right protocols and were providing only hair and mani-pedi services, and not skincare.
3. There was a surge in retail sales.
4. Clients were careful about spending money on essential treatments.

Day 3
On day 3, Sonali Bhambri, Toni & Guy Salon, commenced the sessions for the day. She took us on a virtual tour of her Toni & Guy outlet in Gurgaon. She explained how they have taken every precaution to ensure safety of the staff and customers. They were receiving a healthy flow of footfall. Care was taken to keep alternate stations empty. Appointments were spaced out to allow time for cleaning and disinfection of the salon. Clients were happy with the way the salon was conducting the services while following protocols. On an average, each client was spending around 1 hour inside the salon. They were using MeSafe products to ensure maximum safety.

The second session of the day was with Bhavya Ramakrishnaih. Bhavya Ramakrishnaih showed us around the Jean Claude Biguine salon in Bangalore. In addition to the prescribed hygiene protocol, they are following various measures such as cling wrapping pedi stations and backwash basins before use, and opening mono dose packages and disposables in front of the client. Staff were wearing complete gear including an apron and face shield. Masks are mandatory for everyone and thermal checks are conducted at the entrance. Bhavya mentioned that they have also installed a currency sanitiser at the reception.

Day 4
On day 4 we had Pranita Baveja of Levo Salon, Gurgaon. Pranita took us on a virtual walking tour of her salon and showed us the measures they had taken. Their sanitization starts in the parking lot when their valet (who is wearing a PPE kit too) sanitizes the car and hands the clients their protective gear. They then sanitize the clients clothes with sanitizer that doesn’t stain their clothes. The salon accommodates only three clients at a time to maintain distance and avoid too much crowd at a time. Their salon has no contact coffee machines for clients who wish to have coffee. The employees at Levo Salon are making sure they follow all the protocols correctly. Pranita mentioned about the rise in sale of retail products as several people are now investing money in DIY kits. They are also providing pick and drop services for their staff members who do not have easy means of commute to make sure they are safe.

The second session of the day was by Alka Duggal, Looks Salon, Gurgaon. In spite of working with reduced staff capacity, the salon is running efficiently with all the protocols in place. From safety gears for the staff to disposable masks to the clients, attention is given to minutest details. Thorough cleaning is carried out after every client. Clients are more aware and understanding and follow the rules. The salon is proactive in communicating the guidelines to the clients beforehand.

Day 5
On Day 5, Neeru Radhakrishnan from Play Salon, Bangalore gave us a virtual tour of the salon. They make sure that the staff is wearing shields, masks and gloves at all times. All clients have to download and register themselves on the Aarogya Setu app and sanitize their hands and shoes before entering the salon. They are operating on an appointment basis only and have a separate area for senior citizens. Their staff has had prior training to provide services with gloves, due to which they are used to it and working efficiently. They have partnered with Swiggy and have been retailing products for a month now. 

The second session of day 5 was with Shruti Koli, Lakme Salon, Bangalore. She showed us the journey of a customer entering the salons and all the protocols they have put in place. They have a foot sanitizer dispenser at their entrance and have put up signs which explain their protocol. There is a distance of 6ft between each chair and all their employees have their protection gear on at all times. Every chair and entire area is sanitized after every new client. All their tools are sanitized and sterilized. Everything that is disposable has been packed in a pre-made mono dose kit which is disposed of after every use. The salon is deep cleaned every three hours.

Day 6
Rachit Malhotra of Femina Plus, Chandigarh, showed us his salon where sanitation rules were strictly followed. They have converted their makeup room into a private room for clients who preferred to book for treatments in a group of four. Rachit noticed that the client was spending a good-sized ticket in the salon and liked to finish the services speedily. There was a rising demand for keratin treatments. There was a change in consumer behaviour as the client was hesitant but also aware of what change is required. The salon staff and the clients as well are very careful and ensure that they follow each and every protocol to ensure maximum safety.

The final session of the week was with Vikram Mohan, Bounce Salon, Bangalore. The salon provides valet parking where the keys are sanitized firstly. The salon has collaborated with Me Safe! The salon is using their bio degradable. They have cleared their product display to avoid touch by customers. All their employees are following all the rules and guidelines. The salon runs at 50% capacity to maintain social distancing smoothly. Their footfall is constant and people are keen on availing on services after looking at the protocols that are being followed. They have biodegradable towels and are trying to reduce waste while also maintaining safety. The salon has increased prices by 2-3% per person.  

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