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Safety guidelines:Bina Punjabi Hair Studio

by Arun Shirishkar

COVID-19 has resulted in salons changing their guidelines to maintain the highest degree of sanitation and hygiene. Let’s find out the precautions taken by Bina Punjabi Hair Studio

Goa has been declared a green zone after only 7 positive cases of COVID-19 were detected. After full recovery of all the patients the government has permitted internal movement between 7am-7pm keeping social distancing regulations in mind.

Bina Punjabi Hair Studio based in Goa is one of the first salons in the country to reopen and begin the 2.0 journey. Here are the regulations they are following to ensure utmost safety and hygiene standards.


  • Masks, gloves (except haircuts), covered shoes.
  • Staff to be checked for symptoms.
  • Lunch and other breaks to be taken separately.
  • All equipment (scissors, combs, colour bowls etc) to be sanitised before each use in front of the client.
  • Stylists/therapists to sanitize themselves in front of clients.
  • Use disposable/fresh towels, cutting capes etc for each client.
  • No use of tobacco, gutka, supari etc.


  • Cleaning with soap / disinfectant and water 3 or more times per day.
  • Metal and high contact surfaces (counters, door handles, workstations, chairs etc) to be wiped with 70% alcohol solution regularly.
  • Washroom surfaces to be sanitized after each use.
  • All cleaning equipment sanitized daily.


  • Services by appointment only.
  • Only customers allowed, no family / friends to accompany, unless absolutely necessary.
  • All customers to sign ‘no symptoms & no travel history’ declaration form.
  • Self parking encouraged – Valet to sanitise after each car (Panjim only).
  • Seating in alternate chairs, where possible.
  • Masks compulsory for customers.
  • Customers requested to bring only essential items with them (Phone and wallet).
  • Use sanitizer on entry.
  • Avoid handshakes/hugs or other physical contact for greeting.
  • No magazines/reading material.
  • Clients requested to maintain 1 meter distance at reception area while enquiring or billing.
  • Digital/contactless payments encouraged.
  • Minimise use of personal belongings in salon.

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