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Salon owners, it’s time to ace the social media game!

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After over 3 months, salons have started to reopen. However, people are still very doubtful about stepping into salons due to the increasing number of cases everyday. As salon owners, this is the best time to use the power of social media and win the trust back of your clients!

Virtual tour
You’ve worked relentlessly through these months to set up guidelines and ensure safety standards for your employees and clients. This will be the best time to showcase this to your clientele. You can record a video or go live on facebook/instagram and give your followers a tour. Show them the precautions you have taken and give them a complete walk in of your salon. This helps the client see the safety measures actually being followed and makes them more confident about visiting your salon.

Interactive content
Interactive and engaging content always manages to get the most attention. You can show your clients a demo of your work, conduct online quizzes or just show the salon being back in action. This will keep you connected with your clients and help you attract more eyeballs.

Power of feedback
Feedback and constructive criticism are essential. Once your client is done availing the service, ask them if they would be comfortable in recording a video of them sharing their experience. They can talk about the safety standards, hygiene, quality of service and more. Post this on your socials as feedback in real time strengthens the trust of your client and will make them confident about booking an appointment with your salon.

Use social media to the best of its power and you will reap the fruits of it. Salon owners it is time to make the best of the 2.0 version of your salons!

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