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Semi-permanent makeup is the future!

by Professional Beauty India

Raman Chohan, ex-banker, artist, educator embarked on the journey of learning the skill of semi-permanent makeup five years ago and today proudly runs the Victress Beauty Academy in India.

Following Her Dreams
Raman left the corporate world of commercial banking and pursued her passion for business in beauty. She quickly realized that the makeup market was saturated and to stand apart in the ocean of makeup artists, chose semi-permanent makeup for exclusivity. She learned her craft from the best in the world but still felt something lacked. Indian skin tones were a territory unexplored by her masters, so Raman put in countless hours studying and learning about how to work with Indian skin. She is now the expert working with Indian clientele.

She’s currently building a niche for herself in the Indian market by educating people and building clients through her academy, the Victress Beauty Academy. Her aim is to impart knowledge, polish the skills and gather team of experts and be ready for the boom in the industry to get that first mover’s advantage in India.

Not A Bed Of Roses
The semi-permanent makeup industry is still a very early stage and comes with its own set of challenges like lack of awareness in people about the craft, its benefits and safety. Along with that, Raman says the most challenging task is to find models to practice upon.

Since the make up is semi-permanent in nature, many models are not ready to be practiced upon. Raman always insists on using a light pigment on models so it fades away sooner. This might encourage more models to come forward and help her educate better.

At Victress Beauty Academy
Raman Chohan offers four courses at her academy. The Ombre Powder Brows, Microblading Training, Combination Brows and Lip Pigmentation Training. Post the pandemic and in 2021, she plans to introduce two more courses in her academy.

The new courses commence on 15th December and budding artists can take this opportunity and upgrade their skills for Eyelash Extensions and Brow Mapping and Tint. The registrations during the pandemic shall be limited.

What Semi-Permanent Makeup Offers
A firm believer of the philosophy, ‘Less Is More’, Raman educates her students to start with a lighter tint and gradually build up the shade in follow ups. She also suggests the same to her clients as it allows time for the skin to heal and the client to understand how the tint will look once the process is over.

The services at Victress include: Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, Combination Brows, Lip Blush Enhancement and Lip Correction Treatment. All services are customized towards the Indian skin tone and texture. Victress also offers the tattooing of eye liner and kajal.

Anywhere between two to four sessions, the client sees results of the service they have opted. Semi-permanent makeup stays form 12 to 18 months depending on lifestyle and skin type.

Expanding The Horizon
In 2021, Raman Chohan plans to take Victress Beauty Academy across various cities in India. You too can be a part of Victress and grow within the academy and become an educator.

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