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Stock up your makeup vanity with some Indian made makeup!

by Payal Upase

This independence day, grow your makeup vanity with some makeup that is Made in India

In the last few months, the war cry for ‘Vocal for Local’ has been pacing its way. On the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day of India, we at Professional Beauty India bring you a three-part article series of Indian beauty companies across skin, hair and makeup. These companies are the ones who have made their mark and are a complete bang for your buck.

This Indian makeup brand is surely a cult favourite amongst makeup artists. Their products are of great quality, diverse and amongst some of the best. PAC has a large catalogue of makeup products ranging from eyeshadows, base products, highlighters, brushes and even sanitizing and cleansing products! 

Our picks: PAC makeup brushes and PAC Baked Highlighter

Disguise Cosmetics
Disguise Cosmetics is amongst the first few Indian indie makeup brands. Disguise Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty free. All the makeup products made by Disguise Cosmetics are free of oils, fats, animal fibres, pigments derived from living things, etc. Disguise Cosmetics surely deserves to pride itself in maintaining the quality of its products despite being vegan.

Our picks: Glow Multi Sticks and Satin Matte Lipsticks

Ruby’s Organic
Ruby’s Organics as the name suggests is an organic makeup brand. They believe in high quality ingredients that do nothing but good for your skin. The brand is 100% vegetarian, organic, paraben free and against animal testing. Ruby’s organic intends to turn makeup into value added skin-care. 

Our picks: Creme Highlighters and Blushes

The Indian made brand surely needs no introduction. Colorbar is a very trusted and popular brand amongst the youth of today. Colorbar has a wide array of products that everyone can pick from. Their high quality formulas and luxe packaging have our heart. 

Our picks: Sinful Matte Lipcolor and Perfect Selfie Primer Oil

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