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The hair industry’s journey from ‘Poker Straight Hair’ to ‘Embracing Your Curls’

by Arun Shirishkar

The Indian hair care market has forecasted to reach USD 4.89 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 6.58%. With 60% of the global population having curls, coils and waves, amongst which two-thirds of women with textured hair use four or more hair care products each month.

The Perception Of Indian Hair Around The World
A majority of people around the world believe that Indian women are born with naturally silky, smooth and straight hair. These people cannot be blamed as the Bollywood industry has already set the standards, with straight hair that blows across the screen in slow motion. Watching these women on the screen might may have persuaded many into buying a few hair extensions, straightening tools, or even those newly famous Sugarbear hair gummies trending on Instagram and other social platforms. 60% of the world’s population has curly and / or wavy hair, however, the ideal standards of Indian beauty have always been silky straight hair and that has manifested itself into our societal beliefs and perceptions.

Let’s break it; South Asian women are known to have naturally wavy and curly hair.

The Influence Of Hindi Cinema On Indian Hair Trends
The Bollywood industry has now started representing real women on big screens. Actresses are demanding to showcase their actual selves, instead of the surface-level divas their roles claim them to be. Inclusivity in terms of body types, skin color, and facial structures have become ever so prominent in today’s world.

Well known Indian actresses like Taapsee Pannu or Mithila Palmer have embraced their natural hair textures on screen. They showcase that the real women of India have imperfectly perfect curly and wavy hair, and it is time we see that on the big screens as well.

90% of Indian hair is curly, wavy or textured, and now with the onset of acceptance of curly hair, 1.2 lakh monthly online searches by Indian users on managing curly hair have been noticed on various e-commerce websites. Gone are the days when women would put hours and hours of effort into straightening their hair and making it look sleek and poker straight. Now, an increasing number of women are embracing naturally curly hair with the ever so popular ‘curly girl method’.

Best Products For Those With Curls
It is always said to use clean products without any harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and silicone that are typically found in shampoos, and a lot of curly hair products. These products eventually lead to damaged hair and will strip the natural oils from your curls, leading to dry frizzy and dull hair. Aside from stripping away the natural texture of your hair these chemicals are also linked to more severe conditions, such as breast cancer. The Urban Love has a unique blend of all-natural herbal hair care products to suffice all your hair needs.

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