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White Door curates travel packages

by Arun Shirishkar

The luxury destination for TLC in Mumbai, The White Door, has unveiled its travel packages for the on-the-go woman.

Realising the importance of the modern woman’s lifestyle, The White Door salon has curated travel packages. Combining express treatments that take care of a lady’s grooming needs, The White Door aims to provide luxurious pampering sessions to its patrons in a short span of time.

Travel Packages by The White Door comprise an extensive menu. To maximise the time spent at the salon, a mani-pedi session is paired with an in-chair facial.

The White Door’s Jet-Set-Go package includes Fatigue Fix Pedicure, Mini Mani, In-chair Facial, Almond Head Massage, Hair wash, In-chair Back Massage and Gel polish / Powder Dip. These services are designed to uplift the patron’s spirits after long flights without making her spend too much time at the salon.

Lift me up package has boosting treatments such as Grandma’s Secrets – Power Detox pedicure, Grandma’s Secrets – Tame the Tan manicure, and In-chair facelift massage. It can be paired with one of the exclusive face masks as an add-on. The White Door also provides comfy headphones ande-tablets with preloaded entertainment material for complete relaxation.

Pick me up

Apart from the in-salon treatments, The White Door ensures that its clients are well-pampered at home, too. That’s why they have the TWD – KIT. A personalised travelers kit, it has a selection of products from the salon’s repertoire.

Forest Beauty Face masks: They help negate the stress that a pressurized and dehumidified airplane cabin puts on your skin. You can even use them on the flight for that perfect glow by the time you land.

Protein Bake Shop Snacks: Skip the airport junk and pack these healthy, guilt-free snacks instead.

Nutrova – Health Supplements: These conveniently packaged health drinks are easy to carry as they come in a powdered form in small sachets that can be had on-the-go without any mess.

Hand & Foot cream: Alessandro creams to repel the ill effects of the dry cabin air that can be taxing on your skin. It is a perfect companion for your in-flight hydration or on-the-go moisturisation.

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