Indian beauty community mourns the loss of a gem, Maya Paranjapye


Maya Paranjapye passes away, leaving the Indian beauty industry with the imprints of her worthwhile contribution

Maya Paranjapye took her last breath in Seattle on 22nd September 2019. Right from 1996 when the Indian salon industry was at its earlier stage, Maya was at the forefront of pioneering beauty and hair industry. Fighting through all of the odds she armed herself with skills and determination which helped her to create a niche for herself and become a leader in the beauty world.

The spark
Maya’s interest in the beauty world was sparked when she was working as a Laboratory Assistant in the Department of Biological and Special Organic Chemistry. This led Maya Paranjapye to pursue personal training in Beauty Culture at Geneva.

Women of knowledge
From there she kept on swaddling her journey into the beauty world up until she opened up her very own beauty parlour in Khar. After the inception of Butic parlour, there was a line of ventures that she dabbled into which included Butic Institute of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, Butic College of Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing, Butic Institute of Aesthetic, Butic Cosmetics and many more. In 1983, Maya Paranjapye wrote books in Marathi like Soundarya Sadhana and Parlour Kashe Chalwave.

Providing upcoming artists with quality education and uplifting the Indian beauty industry was her work of art. All the members of B&WSSC and the Indian salon industry mourn her loss.

Image Courtesy: B&WSSC


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