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Indulge in the richness of rose with Global Beauty Secrets

by Arun Shirishkar

Rose, a flower that expresses love and embodies richness. Ancestors have found that this glorious flower is gentle on the skin and hair as well. The calming effect of its oil, water, or just the petals, works wonders on the scalp. That’s where Global Beauty Secrets, with their indulgent products and highly rich natural products help you nurture yourself.

Gul And Gulab: A Celebration Of Love With Roses
Global Beauty Secrets has curated its offerings around the natural essence of rose to nourish your hair with its soothing properties and elegant fragrance with its body mist.

Indian Rose and Kewda Body Mist: The fragrance combination of roses and kewda is a classic. This aroma helps one to relax and promotes wellbeing of emotions and body, while emitting a perfume like fragrance. It continues to be delightful, rich and powerful even in a dry state. The aromatic combination of rose and kewda in the body mist by Global Beauty Secrets refreshes you and lifts your spirits, while the aloe vera distilled base, moisturizes the skin after being sprayed on.

Turkish Rose And Mint Shampoo and Conditioner: The Rose oil is used in the Turkish tradition of Hamam for cleansing, while mint is used for rejuvenation, soothing, and healing. This shampoo and conditioner has rose extracts that strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth, and revitalizes the scalp. While the rose water hydrates and moisturizes dry hair to keep the frizz at bay, the Mint extracts have antimicrobial properties that effectively cleanse and soothe the scalp, thus promoting good hair health from the root to the tip. The Indian Rose and Kewda Body Mist is available at a price of Rs.1500 and the combination pack of Turkish Rose and Mint Shampoo and Conditioner is available at Rs.2200. Combine the rose offerings together and the hamper is available at Rs.3700. Enjoy the expression and care of roses in your care routine.

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