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Infuse My.Colour, the one-of-its kind shampoo, now in India

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Keeping the euphoria of your new gorgeous hair be it, iridescent blondes, fiery coppers, rich ruby reds and many other shades, Infuse My.Colour shampoos is here in India

Infuse My.Colour is a revolutionary no-fuss, no-commitment shampoo that assures the permanent feeling of ‘hair-colour happiness’. Infuse My. Colour is a globally acclaimed, multi-award-winning innovative marvel, from UK brought to India by the Patni Group of Companies.

Into the product
This is a 100% vegan, silicone, sulphate, ammonia and paraben-free range of shampoos that not only nourishes and cleanses but also infuses the hair with vegan colour pigments for a deeper, stronger tone. It is suitable for all hair and skin types and is environmentally friendly, made from recyclable plastic and PETA-certified.

Infuse My.Colour Shampoo has a unique formulation wherein it has the power to transform hair with a simple, do-it-yourself routine that saves time a visit to the salon and those big bucks! The shade range includes ruby, cobalt, copper, gold, platinum, graphite and quartz. Each shade has unique ways through which it works miraculously on the hair.

How does it work?
Infuse My.Colour delivers instant pigmentation to hair along with superb conditioning minus the toxic silicones and parabens. The only prerequisite is that the hair needs to be coloured as it uses a special bio-polymer which deposits the colour onto already coloured hair.

How to use?
A generous quantity of Infuse My.Colour Shampoo (double the quantity of your normal shampoo) needs to be applied evenly just like any other shampoo. Make sure you massage the shampoo all the way to your roots as without sulphates and parabens it’s going to need your help. Consecutive applications will add more tone and colour to the hair. The shampoo works instantly- it needs to be left on for less than a minute.

About Infuse My.Colour
It is the brainchild of globally acclaimed hairdressers Rob Forgione & Denis Kovalyov. Having worked globally with premium hair care brands as well as the biggest beauty icons in the world, Rob & Denis bring together their wealth of knowledge and passion to this clutter breaking product line, that is wellness oriented with an emphasis on delivering true wellness with the cleanest professional grade ingredients.

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