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iORA, a classic gift for care and wellness

by Arun Shirishkar

Wouldn’t you just love receiving and giving a gift that is premium and shows you care? Anita Golani, founder of the leading parent B2B company Anita’s Aromatics Solutions, that makes most of the supplies for salons & spas in India since two decades. is here with a Classic Gift Set by iORA, from the iORA DIY Salon-Kit Series.

Inception of the iORA DIY Salon-Kit Series
As the pandemic hit us, Anita Golani realised how incorrect lifestyle can impact the health of skin. She also realised that those who care for the skin often restrict themselves to the face. Issues like dryness of hands, darkening of elbows and knees etc. are often ignored. She designed the iORA DIY Salon-Kit series for people to start indulging in self grooming and care ritual. This series is curated with natural ingredients that are grown without using harmful chemicals and remain true to their core by retaining the essence of purity!

The Classic Gift Box
With a philosophy to celebrate every occasion in the journey of life, wellness is key. The iORA Classic Gift Box is created with handpicked natural ingredients, which encompass the entire range of Hand & Foot care rituals that nourish & revitalize the delicate skin of hands and restore the pep in the step with an invigorating foot care.

Each Classic Gift Box contains:

  • iORA Black currant or iORA Green Apple DIY Salon Kit
  • Callus Softener
  • Nail Dip
  • Elbow & Knee Balm
  • Glow Hot Mask
  • Organic Handmade Soap

The key benefits of this gift box are that its helps nourish, moisturize and condition the skin. The hot mask in this kit opens up the pores of the skin for better absorption of all the nourishment. It helps you relax and gives great results. The products in this gift box are paraben free and cruelty free.

About iORA
iORA is the premium extension of salon and spa range from Anita’s Aromatics. Anita’s Aromatics committed to manufacturing and supplying natural and ethical personal care products nurtured with unadulterated essential oils and botanical ingredients for holistic wellness experiences. The brand was started by Anita Golani who took an aromatherapy course and proceeded to create her own line with over 50 products across health, healing, beauty, and holistic wellness categories. Ever since, the brand has been constantly innovating aromatherapy solutions to suit evolving lifestyle challenges and niche preferences.

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