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Is it time to ditch those free makeup testers for a while?

by Arun Shirishkar

While we are in the midst of a pandemic, sharing makeup testers with strangers may not be the wisest thing to do. Payal Upase divulges into the details why makeup testers are a complete no-no during virus outbreaks

The many pleasures of shopping for makeup at physical stores is the liberty of being able to test, swatch and try the product before buying. While us makeup lovers love the thrill of trying on a product before we buy it, it would be wise if we steer clear of it at the moment. Officials have been trying to spread awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and making sure we remember to wash our hands, sanitize and not touch our face. What we also need to do is not use any products that are used by the masses.

The vicious cycle of sharing
The spread of the Coronavirus is mostly through transmission of the germs through human contact. The lipstick you are thinking of swatching right now, could be host to the virus. The person who has previously used the free tester could have possibly come in contact with the virus and was unaware of it. This will lead to a vicious cycle of the transmission of the virus from person to another.  

Steer clear from testers
Testers are put out for public use and are surfaces that are likely to be contaminated with some type of virus or bacteria. Remember the horrific story of a California woman who said that a sample tube of lipstick gave her oral herpes. We can never be sure of how hygienic or sanitary the 10 people who used the product before us are. Especially now when a simple cough makes everyone around panic, it is better to avoid the free makeup testers all together. Several department stores are discarding all the older samples of makeup as a precautionary measure.

We also need to steer clear from the free makeup makeovers that are offered at kiosks or the brand outlets. They too use the free testers and samples for the makeovers which also makes us more susceptible to the virus. We all need to be careful and stay as safe as possible. Following the steps of basic hygiene such as washing hands, sanitizing and avoiding touching our face. We need to stay safe and avoid panicking.

Article concept credits: The Cut

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