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It is time to include nail care in your self-care routine!

by Arun Shirishkar

Approximately 60% of women have their nails done monthly, but is nail care really important? Is it just a luxury we enjoy from time to time?

Why Is Nail Care Essential?
Your fingernails and toenails act as little shields protecting your fingers and toes. Not keeping your nails healthy makes the tissue beneath them vulnerable to infection via the things you touch everyday. According to dermatologists, nails are considered healthy if their colour is consistent and their texture is smooth.

We use our hands for virtually everything, everyday! Nails need some love and care, as unattended nails could be the cause of fungal or bacterial infections in the nail folds (the skin surrounding your nail bed), which could lead to more serious health issues.

How To Care For Your Nails?
Eating right, staying hydrated, regular trimming of nails, keeping an eye on any inflammation or soreness in the skin underneath, allowing them time to breathe free of chemicals and using the right products for nail concern are all part of nail care.

OPI NAIL ENVY is a revolutionary range of Nail strengtheners, in 5 unique formulas, targeted to treat every type of nail concern. Be it soft and thin, Dry and brittle, sensitive & peeling or overall weak damaged nails, these concerns are no match for OPI NAIL ENVY! Formulated with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Calcium, Vitamin E, Kukui Nut Oil & Aloe Vera, the line-up provides nourishes and fortifies nails back to strength! The NAIL ENVY strengtheners can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as base coat with OPI Nail Lacquers and be a part of your nail care routine. The product line is priced at Rs.499 for 15ml bottles. Change the game of your self care routine by including your nails to it.

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