Jeannot Ceuticals, now in India to change the skincare game


It’s time to let loose your buck as Ekta Cosmetics brings affordable skincare to the Indian masses by launching Jeannot Ceuticals in India.

Ekta Cosmetics launched a new skincare brand, Jeannot Ceuticals in partnership with Skeyndor. This gracious event took place at Eros Hotel in New Delhi. The launch witnessed some top salon professionals in the country, media and other esteemed dignitaries including Mrs. Antonio Mur, President, and Jordi Morcillo, CEO, of Skeyndor SLU, Spain.

Aiming the right spots
The Indian beauty market is evolving constantly and growing at a very healthy pace. The economic boom and the demand for quality skincare products that are not exorbitantly priced is at an all time high. That makes for an opportune moment for a brand like Jeannot Ceuticals. Jeannot Ceuticals products have been designed and manufactured by Skeyndor post rigorous research with innovative formulations.

Jeannot Ceuticals offers four treatment lines – brightening, whitening, anti-ageing and hydrating, along with home care products. It also offers a cleansing line for home use and SunSheild SPF 50.

Instant Glow
Brightening line is enriched with vitamin C, AHAs and white peony extracts, which activates the natural defence mechanism of skin and gives protection from oxidative damage. The range instantly restore radiance to dull skin.

Brilliance White
Whitening line contains punarnava root extract, which is renowned for its properties of reducing melanin formation. It also contains ginseng root extract, vitaminC B3 and white peony extract. It minimises the appearance of dark spots and achieve a brighter and more even skin tone.

Infinite Youth
Anti-ageing line is based on stem cells extracts, hydrolysed soya bean fibre, hyaluronic acid and white peony extracts. It reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, giving you firm and brighten skin.

Hydra Boost & Derma Clean
Hydrating line is formulated with green caviar, cocktail of green seaweed, milk thistle and tulsi. It hydrates, calms and brightens the skin. Dermaclean is the cleansing line and consists of white mushrooms, hamamelis, glycolic acid and white peony extracts. It features five products for home use.

Sun Shield
Sun protection line prevents skin photo-ageing. It provides broad UVB/A spectrum protection. The product, dry touch protective emulsion SPF 50 contains bisabolol, allantoin and white peony extract.

The complete Jeannot Ceutical range consists of four treatment lines and eighteen home care products. All products are very competitively priced.


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