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Life with the Living Coral

by Arun Shirishkar

As make-up lovers squealed in delight at the colour of the year for 2019, we got to work to find out how to make the Living Coral an effortless part of your routine.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019 is a bright and lively hue that screams ‘summer’. It’s Living Coral – a bright pinky, sunny orange colour. This shade will dominate 2019 with its vibrant hue and bold, bright and happy mood. Just a whiff of this colour energises and enlivens you.

Contrary to the moody Ultra Violet shade from last year, the Living Coral is much easier to blend into your life. There is something super alluring about this shade, it complements almost every skin tone. According to Anupma Katyal, National Creative Director – Makeup, Lakme Salon, “The living coral trend is like a whiff of fresh air that we’ve all been waiting for. Its versatility makes it super easy to wear. Start experimenting with this vivacious shade to ace your makeup game in 2019.”

Here’s how you can include this trend in your make-up kit.
For eyes and lips
The Living Coral shade is best described by Pantone as, “an animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone”. It is an extremely flattering colour for any part of the face. Here are a few ways to embrace this colour on your eyes and lips specifically.
Mix and match is the clue here. If you are opting for a coral eyeshadow, then go for red or wine lip shades. Try the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in Coral Obsessions for a variety of coral eyeshadows. The warmth from the coral shadow adds some balance to dark lips. Alternatively, if you are leaning towards a bold coral lip look, complement it with shades of either navy blue or sea green eyeshadow.

What’s passe?
Ultra Matte Lips This is the reign of well moisturised and conditioned lips. A coral, pink or berry-stained look is now in vogue.

Overdoing foundation/ bronzer This year is all about achieving a healthy radiant overall look. Natural and neutral will trump the world of beauty. Go easy on the foundation and use bronzer to just define the face and enhance your features.

How to use colour on the cheeks?
Add a lovely wash of coral to the high points of your client’s cheeks. This will brighten up her face adding a good amount of buoyancy. For a more flushed look, start by applying the blush from the apples, across the cheekbone till the hairline. Skip the contour for a soft, blended look. You can use powder, cream or liquid blush depending on the client’s skin type.

So, go ahead and add this lively hue to your make-up repertoire and watch your clients wear a dazzling glow.

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