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Lakmé Salon and Pankaj & Nidhi jointly present Kaleido at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week

by Arun Shirishkar

The collection featured free-flowing hair looks and geometric prints in vibrant colours and fluid silhouettes.

Lakmé Salon, one of India’s most respected salon chains, in collaboration with ace designer duo Pankaj and Nidhi, presented the free-spirited, graphic-cool show, Kaleido, at FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week. It was a celebration of new beginnings on the ramp – of unbridled self-expression and an optimistic look at the future.

The term ‘Kaleido’ is derived from a Greek term meaning “beautiful form”, which evokes the essence of this collection. Kaleido is a collection of free-flowing hair looks and bright-hued, flowy garments that encourage women to embrace and enhance their natural form. Pankaj & Nidhi’s geometrically sharp and precise collection comes in a burst of rainbow hues of brilliant reds, luscious oranges, unabashed pinks, ultra-violet blues, and electric greens. The silhouettes include flowing maxi and mini dresses to kick back and let loose and tailored co-ord sets with sporty elements, to acknowledge our pursuits towards wellness and fitness. The fabrics are sheer, translucent, breathable, and easy to wear.

The Lakmé Salon haircut and style collection, created and curated by the team of Lakmé Salon experts, is inspired by the global collections from TIGI Bed Head. It plays up the natural hair type and texture to give trendsetting looks that can be styled in different ways. From free-flowing waves to a textured bob and crown-caressing curls, each look represents the intrinsically magnificent spirit of the Indian woman. The makeup looks created by the Lakmé Salon Backstage Heroes used the watercolour technique in happy shades like aqua, orange, and pink to mirror the essence of the collection.

This versatile, fluid collection by Lakmé Salon perfectly offset the riot of colours and holiday-ready silhouettes designed by Pankaj & Nidhi. Inspired by the basic elements of 3D geometry, especially optical pyramids, the designer duo offers a new vision for the new year, with luminous fabrics, wanderlust-inducing silhouettes and edgy, psychedelic textures and patterns.

The visual vocabulary of the collection is sharp and precise in a rainbow palette of brilliant reds, luscious oranges, unabashed pinks, ultra-violet blues, and electric greens, all in a mélange of retro-graphic patterns. The shine of prismatic elements is also interpreted in the holographic embroidery; dexterously hand-cut appliqués in triangles, squares, and diamonds with grading evocative of the transition of light from its colourless form to its disbursed spectrum.

Combined, this collaborative collection was nothing short of a celebration of life and an ode to new beginnings. An optimistic look at the future, this partnership was about breaking the shackles of the past, moving ahead with joy and embracing one’s intrinsic self.

Commenting on the show’s success, Pushkaraj Shenai, CEO, Lakmé Lever, said, “Lakme Salon has been a part of the Lakmé Fashion Week backstage since its inception, and we are proud to be able to bring our expertise and innovation to the ramp as well as to our customers in salon. This year, we wanted to present a collection which is free-flowing, trendsetting and happy, and with Kaleido, the experts at Lakmé Salon have brought this vision to life. The word Kaleido is derived from a Greek term meaning “beautiful form”, which is what we at Lakmé Salon celebrate every day – our clients’ most beautiful selves. Inspired by the collection at TIGI Bed Head, each look in Kaleido has been expertly crafted keeping in mind the Indian woman’s hair and lifestyle, and Pankaj & Nidhi’s stunning clothes helped bring our vision to life on the runway.”

Pooja Singh, National Creative Director, Hair, Lakmé Salon, added, “Kaleido is our way of honouring the Indian woman’s natural hair and beauty, to enhance her already exquisite features. With glamourous waves, textured curls and beachy bobs, each look is crafted with the thought that she should flaunt her natural locks and feel like her best self, every day. These looks will look just as wonderful on women ruling the real world as they did on the runway, and we are looking forward to launching the commercial collection in the salon for our customers soon.”

Designer duo Pankaj & Nidhi said, “With Kaleido, we wanted to bring about a sense of freedom, hope and happiness, and with the bright colours, versatile silhouettes, and edgy geometric patterns, we were able to do justice to that vision on the runway. Each piece we created exudes joy and optimism and is also extremely wearable. Lakmé Salon’s haircut and style collection enhanced our clothes, and we are so glad we partnered with their incredibly talented team for this show.”

The five looks created were:

Glam waves that enhanced thick, long hair and added freedom and movement. The monochromatic eye makeup look using the watercolour technique in shades of aqua complemented this ethereal ensemble.

Glam waves with half-tied up hair elevated the humble ponytail to add an edge to layered, thick hair. A pop of orange to an otherwise nude face added some drama to this look.

Tight, crown-caressing curls that are ruling the global look books created as a structured yet free look. The makeup for this look was jewel-toned eyes using the watercolour technique and a combination of six different shades.

Beach waves on bob to take the short, stylish look to the next, free-spirited level. Bright, aqua eyes completed this look that reminded us of the waves crashing on a sandy beach.

Textured waves with a slick crown to add some runway drama to a trendsetting look. Here again we see the jewel-toned eyes in play, amping up the drama of the entire look.

The hair looks seen in the show are the ramp versions of the commercial collection that will soon be launched across the more than 450 Lakme Salons in the country.

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