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Launch of the DAFNI muse by Tressmart India

by Arun Shirishkar

Dafni muse has now made its way to India!

The Launch
DAFNI muse has found its route to India via Tressmart.com, India’s first online destination solely offering premium to luxury haircare products and appliances. “We are so excited to launch DAFNI muse in India. It is a brilliant new product.  It is time to Be Your Own Muse with DAFNI” says Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, Director DAFNI India and Tressmart India.

The DAFNI muse™
DAFNI muse has a unique 3D structure that allows straightening short hair by simple brush strokes and curling by twisting the hair on the back of the brush. Straighten or curl for the roots to the tips in simple brush strokes. On top of that, the new DAFNI muse has double-density external bristles for maximal control of different hair strands. DAFNI muse provides a wide range of hairstyles for short to medium hair.

The new ceramic hot brush by DAFNI, DAFNI muse™ is based on the brand’s renowned 3D technology. DAFNI muse is a narrow brush that is designed to create a glamorous wavy and natural look and is the ultimate brush for short hair including even beards!
Its key features are: Automatic shut down, thermal cover and swivel cord

DAFNI, the original hair straightening brush was virally launched in 2015 and revolutionized the hair straightening market. DAFNI was designed by father daughter engineers and named after Sharon’s younger sister, Daphne. The original brush has 7x times the surface of a hair straightener and it’s also that much stronger faster which allows styling layers and layers of hair simultaneously in simple brush strokes. DAFNI allows styling a full head of hair in just 5** minutes instead of 30 minutes. DAFNI’s brushes are safer for the hair because they don’t scratch the hair follicle and only heat up to 185c. DAFNI was created by Sharon Rabi a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and her father, both engineers, to give women time back to the things that matter most. The brand is successful internationally because it provides a real solution for hair while keeping the hair safer and using less heat. In these unprecedented times, when it is harder than ever to visit the hairdresser DAFNI provides technologically advanced solutions that are quiet, easy and safer for the hair.

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