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Learn skincare business from skin expert Manjul Gupta

by Professional Beauty India

The world of skincare can be overwhelming. There is no one better to give you advice than a veteran herself – Manjul Gupta of Bodycraft salon.

We all have skin woes and we all want them resolved! Skincare concerns are a big reason that lead to confidence issues in several people. However, with the right measures taken at the right time, you can effectively combat these skin issues. Let’s take a peek into skincare advice that Manjul Gupta has for us. These tips, tricks and recommendations are sure to help us achieve our skin goals!

Manjul Gupta is the founder of Bodycraft salons. She started with a single salon in 1997, specialising in skin treatments for women. With her children, Sahil Gupta and Swati Gupta stepping into the business, Bodycraft salons has quickly become Bengaluru’s trusted destination for beauty and wellness. They encompass spa, salon, skincare and clinic service lines under their brand. Today, Bodycraft salon has 12 outlets and clinics across Bengaluru and 3 outlets in Mumbai.

What are the key skincare concerns that customers (both men and women) have nowadays?
During the winter, skin requires extra care and nourishment. The main concern that we see at the salon during winter is dehydrated and flaky skin. Dry and dehydrated skin also tends to sensitise the skin and requires professional help and care. However, the transition season between winter and summer is quite tricky. To adapt to the changing weather, your skincare needs to be altered as well. Which is why, it is best to consult an expert who will help you resolve your need.

Which skin treatments do you recommend?
For the winter season, we always recommend treatments that are hydrating and nourishing. Ainhoa Caviar facial is great for rehydrating dry skin and giving it some much needed brightness and
shine. Pure gold indulgence facial is also very good for the winter months. We offer pure gold indulgence treatment for the body as well for when your skin needs that extra pampering. It starts with a rose exfoliant and is followed by a 24k gold cream that stays on the body for the next 8 hours. For the summer season, we recommend treatments that deeply cleanse your skin. These treatments help to unclog your pores and give your skin a refreshed look. Bodycraft salon also offers sensitive skin treatment in cases of extremely sensitised skin.

What changes have you made in protocols post the Omicron variant?
The safety measures Bodycraft salon has put in place ever since COVID became a factor are quite comprehensive. We have a very strict no mask, no service policy and double masked service agents.
All the service stations at the salon are socially distanced and sanitised before and after each service. We provide private rooms for services to ensure social distancing. We are extremely committed to keeping our employees and clients safe.

Has there been any change in customer’s behaviour or demands post the third wave of COVID?
Clients are now more comfortable with keeping their masks on the entire time they are in the salon. They have placed a great deal of trust in us over the past two years. They witness the measures we take to ensure their safety and wellbeing, which makes them feel at ease and comfortable to avail of our services at Bodycraft Salon.

What instructions have you given to your staff?
Our staff is just as committed as ever to provide quality care and relaxation to our clients who need their salon and spa time. They have been trained over the past two years to adapt to the protocols that need to be followed. We have instructed them to keep their safety gear for as long as they are on the floor, for their safety and the clients wellbeing as well.

What skincare advice would you like your customers to follow at home?
We always advise our clients to follow a good skincare regime at home with a hydrating cleanser and plenty of moisturisation. Ainhoa Luxe Hydro-Nutritive Cream is a really good moisturiser to use. Super rich repair from Dermalogica is perfect for sensitised skin. Along with this, using SPF during the day is extremely important.

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