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Let’s roll the carpet for the second edition of Make Up Week

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After the glorious success of the first edition of Make Up Week in 2019, the Professional Beauty India team held an all exclusive press and industry meet to brainstorm ideas and curate the second edition of Make Up Week 2020

India’s makeup community is a tight knit community of amazing makeup artists that have made their mark in the country as well as abroad. The community is rapidly growing and more and more people are looking for a platform to learn, grow and explore their creativity. Make Up Week aims to provide this platform to budding makeup artists and provide them with a platform where they can learn, grow and build connections with people in the industry.

To kick off the second edition of Make Up Week, an all exclusive press and industry meet was held at XXO in St.Regis, on the 15th of November. UK’s leading make-up artist Armand Beasley, who hosted and curated the first edition, flew down to Mumbai to lead the press meet. The aim of the meet was to gather the top names of the industry under one roof and discuss and gain insight on how the Make Up Week platform could be used to its fullest potential.

Prominent names of the industry graced the event with their presence. Asha Hariharan, Ojas Ranjani, Clint Fernandes, Savio John Pereira, Kadambari Lakhani, Vipul Bhagat, Marvie Ann Beck, and many more attended, shared their ideas and contributed toward making the second edition of Make Up Week an amazing event.

The host for the evening, Armand Beasley, started conversations with the audience that would help him curate the line-up for Make Up Week 2020 in a fashion that would be very helpful and targeted to the audience. Discussions took place on several important topics like the importance of inculcating skincare into a makeup artist’s repertoire; educating them on cruelty free, vegan and eco-friendly products; maintaining the quality of makeup and its hygiene. Importance of a natural makeup base and the significance of an all natural makeup look were some other topics, which were highlighted.

The importance of a women wanting to get their makeup done for occasions other than weddings to make them feel pampered and exude confidence through their physical appearance was also a hot topic of conversation. Adding to this, Marvie Ann beck stated, “Promoting personal grooming and the need to promote the lifestyle of taking care of yourself daily is essential. We need to make every person a makeup artist, even if it is a makeup artist just for themselves.”

One of the most important topics of discussion was the need to bring about a shift in the quality of bridal makeup and promoting a very positive attitude about embracing one’s natural self. Ojas Rajani commented, “Indian brides need to be educated that it is beautiful to be a dusky bride and there is no need to use a foundation that is 3 shades lighter to your natural skin colour. They also need to be informed that there is no need for a thick layer of foundation and also that the eyeshadow colour shouldn’t have to match your lehenga/saree color. Bridal makeup should be about making one feel like the best version of themselves on their special day and not the other way around”

A lot of positive feedback was given on the first edition of Make Up Week, which led to brainstorming of ideas on how the second edition could be made better.

“After the fabulous panel discussion last year, people in the audience had tears in their eyes because it hit a bone. We as a community need to work on filling these pitfalls and making a community better for everyone. This industry is huge and sharing our knowledge and making it a better place for all the newcomers is the motive for Make Up Week 2020,” said Asha Hariharan and concluded the event.

The event was a super hit event with the view of the beautiful sunset over the Mahalaxmi race course, cocktails, hors d’oeuvre and engaging conversations.

Written by Payal Upase.

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