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Esskay’s Subham Virmani talks about Casmara Cosmetics

by Arun Shirishkar

Casmara Cosmetics, distributed by Esskay Beauty Resources, is touted as one of the most sought-after brands in the high-end skincare category.

Officially distributed by Esskay Beauty Resources in India, Casmara Cosmetics has successfully created a niche with having a global presence in more than 64 countries.

Professional Beauty engages Subham Virmani, Director (Sales & Strategy) at Esskay Beauty Resources, in a conversation to know more about the brand’s distribution network.

What is Casmara Cosmetics all about?

Casmara Cosmetics is a Spanish company, located in the city of Valencia, Spain. It is dedicated to the Research and Development as well as Manufacturing and Distribution of premium quality cosmetic products since 1974. The brand has an experience of more than 44 years. Casmara Cosmetics is global leader in skincare with a presence in more than 80 countries and in more than a million beauty salons and spas across the world.

When did you launch Casmara in India?

We launched Casmara in India in the year 2006. Initially, it was a limited range of products, which majorly included masks. Casmara today has transformed completely and is offering complete skincare rituals for the salons as per the Indian market needs. It has Cleansers, Exfoliators, Ampules, Creams, Eye Care, Algae Peel Off Masks and Home Care Products.

What are the leading products?

It has Luxury Treatments Range, which consist of Skin Sensations, Ocean Miracle, Goji and Nacar Treatment, which have supreme demand among premium and aspiring salons.

How is the response of the brand?

Casmara range of products have been widely accepted in the Indian market. It is present in more than 100 cities right now. A lot of reputed premium salons are using Casmara exclusively as their skincare brand across the country.

How are you reaching out to salon owners and skincare experts?

We have a distribution network in more than 100 cities in India. We also have our own sales representatives and educators spread in all the regions of the country to reach out to the salons. Participating in trade shows, advertisement in magazines and social media also help us in reaching out to the salons.

Where do you seek to increase your distribution network?

Casmara has its reach across India. We are strong in North, Central and South India. We are now developing and focusing aggressively in the West and East markets in this financial year.

What’s the plan for the coming months?

Our strategy is simple. We evaluate outgrowing markets through our widespread sales team. Our focus is to tap the tier II and III salon owners.

Esskay Beauty has a core team of skin educators and experts who are sent to all regions of the country aiming to educate and spread awareness to the consumers and salon owners about Casmara.

We are also conducting regional seminars, which are mainly focused on addressing problems of salon and spa owners regarding skincare and suggesting them solutions to overcome it.

We are also using both ATL and BTL activities in form of print advertising, salon branding and exhibition promotion. We have been extensively active on all the platform of social media as well.

We have launched a new range in the luxury line – Rgnerin Treatments for Anti-Ageing and Ocean Miracle treatment, which is 100% Natural and is extremely powerful for hydration.

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