Lighting up the art of make-up by Amisha Salunkhe


Day 2 of the Make Up Week (MUW) had a session with Amisha Salunkhe on the lighting techniques used while doing the makeup.

Ever wondered why your make-up turns out to be so grey or pale? Make-up artist, Amisha Shalunke of Amisha academy answered our question during her session at MUW as she explained the significance of lighting used while doing your make-up.

The lighting set-up
Placement, angle and intensity…
The placement of the ring lights plays a huge role because if you place it way too far, you might end up using less of the base products on your skin and vice versa. This will make you look either way too washed out or darker in the ambient light. The angle at which your light is kept influences the shadows that it casts on your face. The intensity of your light in the third thing you need to keep in accord. Ranging from 3400 to 5000 Kelvin is usually considered to be the perfect lighting intensity for indoor make-up.

Creating the perfect look
With a flawless base, nude lips and minimal product on the eyes, Amisha Shalunke created a very subtle look. She mentioned the main reason behind the minimal look was to demonstrate how different lighting changes the colours.
In the process of putting the look together, Amisha addressed the questions, which popped up from the budding make-up artists present in the audience. She seasoned it with her tips and tricks of getting the look right. The moderator of the event, Armand Beasely, also added his insights of how the make-up for editorial is different from the movies as the lighting differs. This session opened up a new avenue for the make-up artists in the audience as they learned more about editorial looks and the effects of right lighting.


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