L’Oreal and Amazon brings augmented reality and makeup together


Get the right shade at the right swipe with L’Oreal’s Virtual Try-on feature ‘ModiFace’ only on Amazon.

With the advent of technology one of the things that boosts up are the choices which are made available to a consumer. Even with some many choices the consumer faces the dilemma of which one to pick from. The more choices you have, the harder it is to make a decision. Focusing on the beauty world this seems true, wherein you search for a lipstick on Amazon and a list of 100+ products pops up on your screen. To make your decisions easy and quick L’oreal has partnered with Amazon to allow users to virtually try on lipsticks simply by using their phones.


L’Oreal’s virtual reality business ModiFace will provide make-up testing technology to Amazon, the French beauty group said on Tuesday, allowing customers of the shopping site to try on lipsticks using mobile phone videos or photos. The contract goes beyond make-up tests solely for L’Oreal’s own brands, which include Maybelline and Lancome, but is limited to lipsticks for now. The companies did not provide any financial details.

The service will launch in the United States and Japan in mid-2019. L’Oreal bought ModiFace in March 2018 as it invests in technology, develops “smart” sensory brushes that tell people how to care for their hair or virtual tests for a generation of “selfie”-obsessed consumers.
The Canadian company specializes in augmented reality and artificial intelligence applied to the beauty world. L’Oreal has already used ModiFace to help further its own online sales, pairing up with Facebook so that people on the social media network can do virtual make-up tests and shop for its labels such as Urban Decay and NYX.

How it works
Select a lipstick on the Amazon app or the website and look for the feature ‘Try now’. This will lead you to the Live Mode which helps you try-on the lipstick using your camera. Additionally, you can find a model with your skin tone if you are not comfortable with your close-up. From there the augmented reality would do its work and you’ll be able to swipe your selected lipsticks over your lips.


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